REVIEW: No sweat, no problem with Strip Manila

Rhea Manila Santos

Posted at Nov 23 2018 03:00 PM

Once you step inside Strip Manila, you'll immediately notice their pretty interiors, which will complement the many different kinds of pampering services that they offer inside their comfy studio. 

Aside from their signature waxing and hair removal, you'll be surprised at what else you can spoil yourself with in every visit. This time, our visit was for one of their complementary services, the No Sweat Treatment, which is for people who want to keep their perspiration in check. 


If you're one those people who sweat easily then this treatment is for you. I get sweat spots just from walking under the sun for a few minutes so I was really interested to know more about this service. The No Sweat treatment helps those suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. 

Even though there are already products available in the market that help fight sweat and body odor, they only provide limited and temporary coverage in the form of deodorants and antiperspirants. Excessive sweating can actually lead to body odor, which nobody should ever have to suffer from. 


If you're one of those people who don't like the idea of subjecting yourself to any form of pain, then you don't have to worry because No Sweat is a painless non-invasive treatment that is so fuss-free you can afford to do it even during your lunch break.

After choosing from four problem areas (feet, underarm, hands, and Brazilian area) the initial session usually begins with a 15-minute iodine test to determine just how sweaty your body part really gets. These are the specific areas that will be focused on by the Strip specialist during your treatment. The iodine test is only done during your first and last session in order to track the improvement from your first time. 


After the iodine test, the 30-minute treatment begins with some oil being applied for easier gliding of a special infrared laser wand that massages the area to make the heat sink deep into the skin to control your sweat glands. 

At 39 degrees, it will be hard to ignore the heat on your skin. But the good news is that it will never get to the point of being painful or unbearable, making it an overall fuss-free service. Each package includes six sessions which guarantee that you will notice results as early as after the first session. 


They weren't kidding when they said everything would be done in under an hour and they were right. My feet immediately felt dryer and smoother after the session. 

With Strip's No Sweat, gone are the days when wearing ballet flats or leather shoes outdoors translates to sweaty feet after a few hours outdoors. 

I heard the treatment also does wonders for 'pasmado' hands as well. Aside from the extra comfort, it can also make women feel extra confident because it eliminates any worry about wet spots or body odor. 


With many stores popping up offering similar services, I was doubly reassured before my treatment that I was in good hands, as all Strip Manila staff have to undergo an intensive eight-week training course even before they are allowed to start working.

Another added comfort was that my Strip specialist was also very patient in carefully explaining the procedure to me while it is happening which was important because I'm one of those people who feel better knowing exactly what is being done while it’s being done. 

After the treatment, I was reminded to refrain from taking a warm bath and from doing intense exercise for at least 24 hours. Not really a tall order considering how nice and smooth my feet felt right after! 

I was also told to expect at least a 30% difference after just one session. Overall, despite my initial hesitation (and unfounded fears), my Strip Manila experience turned out to be something I wouldn't mind doing over and over again. Can't wait to be back in two weeks!

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