Fully automated toilets offer comfort, security for homeowners

American Standard

Posted at Nov 23 2018 06:35 PM

A range of solutions by American Standard offers to bring greater comfort and security to homes by protecting health and elevating sanitation. 

American Standard's Spalet Collection marries sleek simplicity and advanced technology to bring deluxe designs that offer fully-automated cleansing functions. 

The collection – which leverages on Lixil’s expertise in innovating shower toilets since 1967 - features beautifully-crafted shower toilets and electronic bidet seats that are enhanced with pampering spa-like functions. 

The collection delivers ultimate comfort, cleanliness and hygiene, and can operate hands-free.


Find greater comfort and convenience in the washroom with the Slim Smart Washer II Manual Bidet, which is fitted with a dedicated front and rear nozzle for a thorough cleanse. 

Ensuring more hygienic use, the bidet is designed as well with self-cleaning nozzles and a nozzle shutter, which prevents waste materials from getting into the trips. 

For the user’s greater convenience, the bidet allows for a hands-free experience with the slow-closing seat and a quick-detach seat cover to ensure the thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. 


The Aerozen, with its dynamic look and low tank design, boasts advanced automated cleansing functions to elevate sanitary hygiene for your use. 

Like its sibling designs, this dynamic piece offers a strong, direct spray, self-cleaning nozzles, a gentle flow that provides a soothing spray for delicate areas, and an auto flush and slow-closing seat and cover for your convenience. 


Inspired by form and simplicity, Acacia Evolution's shower toilet is elegantly sculptured. This deluxe one-piece tankless toilet is designed based on a combination of ergonomic principles and glamorous forms. 

With curves that contour perfectly to your body and technological enhancements that revolutionize its design, it provides the ultimate experience in comfort and hygiene. 

It also features dual nozzles, anti-bacterial protection, instant heating, a dryer and a one-touch power saver, among other advancements. 

Whether for your home or your office spaces, upgrade your bidets and shower seats, and raise the standard in ultimate comfort and personal hygiene. Your love at first touch begins here. 

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