Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family!


Posted at Nov 21 2019 04:22 PM

Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family! 1

For Filipinos, families are relevant and integral in the life and well-being of every member. Every moment, whether it is planned or out of the blue is being treasured. Some may not be as vocal as others, but any experience with the family is irreplaceable.

Unbreakable ties within the family are not readily made, these are not sold and purchased. Meaningful connections are nurtured through time with bonding built on trust and communication.


Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family! 2


Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family! 3

Families who are living together usually think that just because they live under one roof, the need for bonding is not important. To sustain a healthy connection with every member, family bonding from time to time is a primary element.

For starters, meal time is easily a powerful avenue to substantiate the bond between family members. As the old saying goes, ''A family who eats together, stays together.'' And what makes members stay seated even as the meal comes to a finish? None other than the all-time favorite dessert—ice cream!


Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family! 4

Trusting someone means believing in them; believing that they will not judge you, nor leave you behind, nor turn their back on you when you fall short of expectations.

To trust someone is to cry ugly tears over tearjerker movies while unknowingly finishing a whole tub of your favorite ice cream, or sharing a glass of the same ice cream over intimate conversations, or buying a bunch of gallons of assorted ice creams when celebrating triumphs. This is the beauty of trust.

A genuine example of trust between siblings is amiably expressed by twins Cassy and Mavy Legaspi right here.


Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family! 5

Communication is the glue in relationships that keeps everything together. And among those relationships, family is no exception.

It is through proper and effective communication, that you are able to genuinely listen to confessions, and look at perspectives different from your own. 

Just like when you make the mistake of hurting a family member, a profound apology and a pint-sized ice cream as you offer your peace has never been a turned down gesture.

Or it could be reflected even on lighthearted days where you and your family are just sitting around, comfortably talking about the goings-on in each other’s lives.

Either way, these moments are made extra special with Selecta Bestsellers, just like how Carmina and Zoren do it so playfully.


Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family! 6

With superior ingredients that make up their rich flavors, Selecta Supreme Double Dutch and Selecta Supreme Quezo Real are perfect family bonding elements.

Through the years, these flavors have served the best quality that consumers abundantly love, thereby sparking quality time and connection within the family. No matter what the situation is, Selecta Bestsellers are the allies you need to complete any bonding experience.

Selecta Supreme Double Dutch -- this luscious vanilla ice cream is combined with the buttery crunch of cashews, scrumptious blocks of chocolate chips, and tender touch of sweet marshmallows. This flavor makes use of syrupy chocolate sauce for that dripping finale.

Meanwhile, the Pinoy favorite classic Selecta Supreme Quezo Real is oozing with creamy cheese delight. This variant blends creamy coconut milk with real cheese bits, mellow and moist to the core. Every bite guarantees to be a treat to your palate.

Available in three variants – 1.3L, 750mL, and 475mL pints – the Selecta Bestsellers are delectable goodies to complement the open-hearted gatherings for meaningful family connections.

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