Are you passionate enough to do financial advising?

Philam Life

Posted at Nov 18 2016 05:04 PM | Updated as of Nov 21 2016 04:02 PM

Are you passionate enough?

Passionate to upgrade your lifestyle; to travel and see the world on your own terms. Passionate to make a difference. Passionate to do well to do good.

If you are all these and more, financial advising may just be the perfect career for you!

More and more people are being drawn to financial advising in their search for work-life balance -- achieving their goals while enjoying life.

Financial advising has seen a tremendous rise among the younger generation. With over 40,000 financial advisors catering to 100 million Filipinos, the profession is seen by the younger workforce as the ideal place for their ambitious and tech-savvy selves.

It is not surprising then that a growing number of millennials find professional financial advising as an attractive career option. Millennials are not only changing the landscape of the insurance industry as the emerging market but as the growing workforce that operates it as well.

Aileen Palmes, who has already achieved a portfolio of 200 clients at Philam Life, and one of the youngest highest-earning individuals in the said company, believes that only through hard work, resilience -- and rejection -- can one call herself in the end.

“Trust me, you’ll doubt yourself, and you’ll get rejections, but you just really have to know what you want and what you’re doing to achieve it. This is where I really see the essence of hard work—the kind that pushes you and answers the question of why you’re doing it. Because if you really want to achieve [your goals] in life, and you want it so bad, you will do whatever it takes to get there. And I feel like I found that here—I found that I wanted to do this,” Aileen says.

For financial advisors, it’s not just about working hard in a fun and nurturing environment, but also about freedom, enjoying and relishing the fruits of your hard work.

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