Sakto loans for a stress-free holiday budget


Posted at Nov 17 2023 04:43 PM | Updated as of Nov 17 2023 05:07 PM

Photo source: Freepik
Photo source: Freepik

Anyone may be caught off-guard by sudden expenses during the Christmas rush. You have already planned your budget for gifts, but now you need extra cash for your office kris kringle, your upcoming Christmas parties, shopping for Noche Buena or perhaps just to grab some snacks to wait out the holiday traffic jam. Even though you are good at budgeting, there are times when you need some extra cash to get you by. 

With less than a hundred days until Christmas, finance app GCash introduces GCash Sakto Loans, a nano-loan option that enables eligible GCash users to borrow small amounts for as low as P100, ideal as 'pambale' during the holiday season. 

Photo source: GCash
Photo source: GCash

Sakto Loans is an extension of GLoan, GCash's instant cash loan, and GGives, its light and flexible buy now pay later loan, which serves as an entry-level loan for those who are not yet eligible to borrow large amounts on the app. 

With no additional requirements needed, this loan product helps eligible GCash users immediately get extra funds right when they need it, without the need to borrow from other people. 

Buy now and pay after with GGives Sakto

GGives Sakto is a beginner-friendly loan that users may use to pay for small purchases whether online, in physical stores through QR, or even through GLife partner stores. 

With GGives Sakto, users may buy now and pay after 14 days to 30 days with loan amounts starting from P300 to P500 with a 0% interest rate and a processing fee of P32.50 to P150. 

How to activate GGives Sakto

Activating your GGives Sakto is as easy as a few taps, starting with opening your GCash app and following these steps: 

1. Tap "Borrow" 
2. Tap GGives and then "Get Started" 
3. Check the initial details and tap "Next" 
4. Input the required information and tap "Next" 
5. Lastly, input the 6-digit authentication code and tap "Submit" 

From there users will be redirected to a page to confirm the GGives activation. 

How to pay with GGives Sakto

To pay using GGives Sakto, users must follow these steps: 

1. Select GGives 
2. View installment options 
3. Choose a plan 
4. Agree to the disclosure agreement 
5. Tap "Pay with GGives" 

Users will be directed to the confirmation receipt for their purchase. 

Borrow instant cash with GLoan Sakto

GLoan Sakto offers a fast cash loan solution, allowing users to instantly borrow amounts ranging from P100 to P500. This entry-level loan comes with a 0% interest rate and a processing fee of P6.50 to P75, payable within 14 days to 30 days 

With GLoan Sakto, users may have instant extra cash straight to their GCash wallets to pay bills, purchase items, or even cash out their loan for additional funds to cover day-to-day expenses. 

How to avail GLoan Sakto

To apply for GLoan Sakto, open your GCash app and follow these steps: 

1. Tap "Borrow" 
2. Tap GLoan and then "Get Started" 
3. Since the loan amount will be fixed, select the purpose of the loan and then tap "Get this loan" 
4. Review the loan terms and then tap "Continue" 
5. Review your personal information and then tap "Next" 
6. Agree to the Data Privacy Agreement and then tap "Submit" 
7. Agree to the loan agreements and then tap "Continue" 
8. Check the amount received from GCash and then tap "Confirm" 
9. Lastly, input the OTP sent by GCash and then tap "Submit", and a confirmation of the GLoan application will appear 

Users will then receive a message from GCash should they be eligible to avail GLoan Sakto. 
Help ensure stress-free holiday spending with GCash's Sakto Loans by meeting the following criteria: 

1. Filipino citizenship 
2. Age between 21-65 
3. Fully verified GCash account 
4. A good credit record without fraudulent transactions 
5. Maintain a positive GScore through active use of GCash products and services 

As the holiday season unfolds, GCash encourages users to make the most of Sakto Loans for a worry-free and financially responsible celebration. Ensure your holidays are not only filled with joy, but also marked by smart spending practices. 

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