Balancing tech, performance in new vivo X100 Series


Posted at Nov 17 2023 10:37 AM

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

In the ever-evolving smartphone market, vivo has unveiled its latest offering, the X100 series, showcasing a commitment to blending photography and performance.
The new smartphone range is positioned to capture the attention of users with its unique approach to design and functionality.

The X100 series emphasizes a balance between advanced photography technology and performance. With features like the ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto Camera and a flagship-grade octa-core CPU, the devices aim to deliver a practical user experience for a range of tasks.

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Milky Way-inspired design

The exterior design draws inspiration from star trails, resembling the Milky Way. It features a circular camera module with a quad-camera setup. The outer ring of the lens module is encircled by an aerospace-grade mirror-finished stainless steel moon ring cloud stage, giving an overall feeling of "sun, moon, and stars, all within reach."

Available in Asteroid Black and Startrail Blue, the device introduces subtle textures and a curved design for a tactile experience.

Photography capabilities

Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of a "universal and widely adopted periscope telephoto" feature and an upgraded primary camera with the new Sony IMX920 sensor. 

Additionally, the X100 is equipped with the OV64B sensor, providing users with long-range and macro photography capabilities.

The cameras of the X100 Series meet high standards for coating called ZEISS T*. This coating helps reduce reflections and stray light. Because of the improved coating, the images you get are clear, pure, and authentic.

The X100 Pro takes a step further with the 50 MP ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto Camera, featuring an f/2.5 large aperture and image stabilization. Regardless of distance, light, or darkness, you are set free to convey your creative vision.

Furthermore, it comes with the vivo V3 chip, which supports 4K Cinematic Portrait Video recording, offering enhanced versatility and playability.

Flagship performance

The vivo X100 series runs on the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 octa-core CPU, designed for strong performance. 

The CPU design includes a 3.25GHz Cortex-X4 core, three 2.85GHz Cortex-X4 cores, four 2GHz Cortex-A720 cores, along with the Immortalis-G720 GPU. It does not have power-efficient or low-power cores; each core packs a punch.

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Battery life

Thanks to advanced battery technology, the battery life of the X100 series has significantly improved. The X100 series offers users a durable smartphone experience. 

The X100 boasts a 5000mAh battery with 120W wired charging, while the X100 Pro features a large 5400mAh battery capacity with 100W wired charging.

vivo X series milestones

Taking a trip down memory lane, vivo's X series has witnessed notable milestones since the release of the X1 in 2012. At that time, it was one of the world's thinnest smartphones. It was also one of the first smartphones to feature a Hi-Fi professional-grade chip. 

In 2020, vivo's high-end products began making big improvements, starting with the vivo X50.

In 2022, the launch of the X90 series solidified vivo's position as the "5G flagship benchmark."

The X100 series marks another milestone, showcasing vivo's achievements in technology and products. 

Corporate achievements

Over the past 28 years, vivo has focused on telecommunications and innovation. They have research centers in China, Japan, and the United States, working on advanced technologies like 6G, AI, photography, and industrial design.

With a global R&D team of over 13,000 professionals, vivo has made notable contributions, filing 43,000 patent applications and establishing 400 technology standards. In 2022, the vivo Communications Research Institute released three white papers on 6G, signaling the company's dedication to shaping the future of communication technology. Their self-developed multimodal integration indicates a step toward the 6G era.

Furthermore, vivo has established a smart manufacturing network, which includes centers authorized by vivo, with an annual production capacity of nearly 200 million smartphones. This substantial production capacity enables vivo to meet global demand, showcasing its strength in the smartphone manufacturing sector.
A partnership for innovation

At the Global Imaging Strategy Conference in December 2020, vivo announced its partnership with ZEISS. 

Both companies announced the establishment of a joint research and development team, the vivo ZEISS Joint Imaging Laboratory, serving as an innovative space and platform for their collaboration. 

This partnership combines vivo's expertise in smartphone technology, software, and system integration with ZEISS's expertise in optical, optoelectronic, imaging, and imaging systems. 

With this collaboration, vivo aims to improve smartphone photography, focusing on enhancing 
fundamental image quality. The company aims to make professional-level photography accessible to everyday users by developing a "professional video mode." vivo's ultimate goal is to simplify and systematize photography for ordinary users.

Commitment to quality and safety

In prioritizing security and reliability, vivo strives to improve its quality management system, adhering to the principle that "quality is the baseline of products."
This includes implementing strict quality standards and effective safety management. 
In 2022, vivo established a Regulatory Compliance Laboratory to enhance radiation safety testing. They obtained the first SAR Certificate in China for mobile phone radiation safety, and also secured the first CEIV Certificate in the industry for safe battery transportation. 

Additionally, vivo released the kMirror Trusted Engine in 2022, serving over 11.4 million users within a year to enhance product safety. 

The company also shared its perspectives on user security and privacy protection through the vivo Transparency In Security And Privacy Protection White Paper. These efforts reflect vivo's commitment to exploring trusted product safety solutions.

Whether in the past, present, or future, vivo is committed to constant innovation and progress, striving to provide users with a more user-friendly and convenient experience.

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