All-in-1 fleet card: Save costs, secure account


Posted at Nov 14 2022 01:32 PM

Caltex Starcard. Photo source: Caltex
Caltex Starcard. Photo source: Caltex

Tired of managing your fleet?

Fuel provider Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), takes its business solutions to the next level with the Caltex StarCard, touted as an 'all-in-1' fleet card which drivers and operators can use to save costs, secure their accounts, and apply online for free.

Photo source: Caltex
Photo source: Caltex

StarCard is an adaptable charge card payment system service that gives users full control and convenience when it comes to fleet management.

Effortless fleet control 

Photo source: Caltex
Photo source: Caltex

Managing a number of vehicles involves a pile of responsibilities–from checking fleet performance and maintenance, route planning, to overseeing fuel costs and consumption manually.

With this, fleet managers may stay on top of their fleet's expenditures with StarCard. 

Whether your fleet comprises cars, trucks, buses, or motorcycles you can monitor expenditures with access to information on gas and service purchases, minimizing logistical challenges for your business.

StarCard has a pre-set limit, which you may use to regulate expense allowance to avoid unexpected and unnecessary overspending by setting a monthly or daily limit, frequency limit, or according to your business control requirements.

The purchase control feature makes you gain full control over your fleet's expenditure by assigning the types of products and services applicable for purchase on each card.

Convenience anytime, anywhere 

Photo source: Caltex
Photo source: Caltex

Caltex boosts its fleet card's features with StarCard Online – a primary online transactional interface. 

On StarCard Online, users can manage card requirements, order or replace cards, access monthly itemized records, and more on a single platform.

Even on-the-go operators and fleet managers can access information with the Starcard Online App, available on App Store  and Google Play.

 Security against fraud and abuse 

Photo source: Caltex
Photo source: Caltex

As an 'all-in-1' card, StarCard ramps up security features to ward off threats of fraud and abuse.

Enhanced security measures are available for every account. Users are given added protection by activating a 4-8 digit user-specific PIN code. Fraudulent activities can also be detected through online validation via StarCard online.

Furthermore, CCTV monitoring and validation are available at selected Caltex sites.

Apply online 

Applying for a StarCard is free with no annual fees, no subscription fees, and no card replacement fees.

Completing the application just takes 15-20 minutes online.

Fleet customers can just fill up and submit requirements directly online or email

Basic requirements include company profile, last two years of Audited Financial Statements, CDA or SEC Registration, and other certificates.

Perks and exclusives

Photo source: Caltex
Photo source: Caltex

StarCard can also be used as a membership card at Landers Superstores that gives customers access to exciting perks and benefits.

With this partnership, StarCard holders may enjoy a wide selection of local and international branded goods, participation in Crazy Super Sale, Super Fuel Sale, and other promotional activities.

 'Preferred by businesses' 

StarCard transactions are accessible at nearly all Caltex stations across the country.

More businesses prefer StarCard , branding it as a smart choice that establishes a variety of management and usage options specific to one's business needs.

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