What are the ingredients of a home?

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Posted at Nov 13 2020 01:24 PM | Updated as of Nov 26 2020 03:31 PM

Times are changing and home means so much more now as it has transcended traditional boundaries. Many family members are scattered around the world and may not have seen each other in months. 

So, what truly makes a home in the new normal?

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented and that family means a great deal to them - that is why many associate "home" with their family. The home is a place where you feel love, comfort, and joy. It is where you feel the safest and where you can be free, even if you longer stay in the same space much like many Filipinos who have been separated due to community restrictions. 

What are the ingredients of a home? 1

People could also not help but associate the home with food – the taste of breakfast with dad, mom's specialty for lunch, midnight snacks with your siblings, or complete family dinners on weekends.

No matter what it may be, everyone has a unique version of what they call home.

For CDO, a company known for food that brings people home, what makes a home in the new normal is everything the family shares together. It can be food, laughter, love, and stories between them, even those shared virtually. What makes it even more special is that there are no two homes alike because it is unique to what you attach to it – special ingredients, memories, and feelings. 

As one of the country's biggest food corporations, CDO Foodsphere, Inc, has been championing meaningful mealtime connections through home-style food for 45 years now. It is known for brands such as CDO Ulam Burger, CDO Funtastyk, CDO Karne Norte, CDO Bacon, CDO Idol, San Marino, and Highlands.

Behind its enduring success is a mother and a homemaker that chased after her dreams and sought to create nutritious, quality, and affordable food that every Filipino family can share. 

''The most important thing is family, and there is nothing like mealtimes to bring everyone closer together. We have to make sure the food we make brings everyone home,'' said CDO Founder Corazon Dayro Ong.

What are the ingredients of a home? 2

To this day, CDO Foodsphere follows to its commitment of bringing and bonding all generations of people together through delicious food creations. It hopes to bring the taste of home to any meal – wherever you are and whoever you are with. 

Here are some heartwarming quotes that show how families are brought home with CDO.

''Malayo man ang aking asawa basta't may CDO sa hapag-kainan, parang buo ang aking pamilya,'' one shared on CDO Foodsphere's Facebook page. 

[Even though my husband is far away as long as there is CDO at the dinner table, my family feels complete.]

''Malayo man sa pamilya, hindi ka mag-iisa basta't may kaibigan at CDO na kasama sa mesa,'' 
Another said. ''Umagahan, tanghalian, meryenda at hupunan, hindi kumpleto ang pamilya pag ang CDO wala sa lamesa.''

[Even if you are far from your family, you will not be alone as long as you have friends and CDO with you at the table.]

[Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and supper, the family is not complete without CDO on the table.]

What are the ingredients of a home? 3

Everybody has his or her own definition of what makes a home. To many, home is everything the family shares together, not necessarily the physical house they grew up in.

For its 45th anniversary, CDO Foodsphere hopes to identify what are the ingredients that make a home and encourage more mealtime connections with Filipino families – wherever they may be.


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