The independent woman's guide to natural looks


Posted at Nov 13 2020 01:17 PM | Updated as of Nov 13 2020 05:08 PM

The independent woman's guide to natural looks 1

Natural beauty is on the rise as people are going back to the basics and re-discovering the benefits of simple and natural regimens. 

Whether you are a makeup junkie looking to experiment or a busy working girl who does not have plenty of time, going natural is worth a try. Apart from potentially deriving the benefits of natural ingredients, it is kinder to nature and skin as it avoids harmful, synthetic materials. Going for natural looks also tend to consume less time to get ready.

Interested in starting your own natural beauty regimen? Here are some tips to get you started.

Less is more

Less is more when it comes to pulling off a natural look. Do not be afraid to show off your true face.

If you want a brighter lip, go with natural brows and just a few dabs of blush. If you are going for standout eyes, focus on the way your brows frame the face and put some pigment on your eyelids. Focus on enhancing more than changing your facial features. 

Be sure to pick neutral and warm tones to achieve that 'no-makeup' look in your next video call session. 

Invest in skincare

Investing in a proper beauty routine will allow you to have glowing, beautiful skin that you can show off without cosmetics. Having great skin will also help during days when you are in a rush as you can get away with just a bit of lip gloss and well-groomed eyebrows. 

Commit to a face, skin, and hair regimen that you would actually do day and night, and research well on the products that will suit and augment your skin type. 

Wear sunblock all the time, drink plenty of water, and do not forget to moisturize. 

Be mindful of ingredients

One tenet of natural beauty is the focus on harnessing the powers of nature – that means using products with beneficial ingredients derived from nature. These are often ingredients that are pure and straightforward.

Popular natural ingredients found in most beauty routines are aloe vera, tea tree oil, coconut oil, lavender, and argan oil. Look for these when compiling products for your natural regimen.

The independent woman's guide to natural looks 2


The independent woman's guide to natural looks 3

If you are looking for products that will fit in your natural routine, one suggestion is Palmolive Naturals.

Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth, the brand's green variant, is one of the best-selling shampoos and conditioners in the market today. It contains 100% Natural Aloe Vera extract that keeps hair manageable that you can just finger comb it in place any time, bringing out the best of your natural hair. 

With this shampoo and conditioner duo, busy days are no longer a pain as you get nourished hair, easily managed with your fingers. 

For many, natural beauty is more than just about the regimen or the products used. This idea has a lot to do with how you view yourself and what is on the inside. Natural looks celebrate the diversity of skin color, face shape, and hair type. It pushes you to be proud of what you have. 

More than the aesthetics, the natural look you should go for is the real, imperfect you. 

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