Enjoy holiday sales with tips for safe online shopping


Posted at Nov 11 2022 01:19 PM

Outsmart phishers and online scammers with these tips for a safe online shopping. Photo source: Unsplash
Outsmart phishers and online scammers with these tips for a safe online shopping. Photo source: Unsplash

Christmas shopping season is just around the corner.

Nothing beats finding the best deals online to get the perfect presents for mom, dad, your siblings, friends, and workmates. After all, this season is all about giving. Seeing them happy and smiling while unwrapping their Christmas gifts will always be priceless!
Shoppers usually look for exclusive deals, vouchers, and discounts at this time of the year. Hot ticket items such as smart TVs, latest gadgets, highly-recommended skincare, and A-list clothing also slash off their prices, making it more appealing and affordable to consumers.

For the best onling shopping experience, digital shoppers should be wary of scammers looking for ways to trick them into stealing their information or selling them counterfeit products.

Having a safe and secure shopping experience online is not as difficult as most people think. Here are some tips to make your transactions safe and smooth this holiday season!

Shoppers' security 'utmost priority'

Touted to be one of the trusted and safe e-commerce platforms in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, Lazada said that they are assuring that the security of their shoppers is of utmost priority.

Lazada Philippines said [LINK OUT "said": https://www.lazada.com.ph/helpcenter/how-does-lazada-ensure-the-security-of-my-personal-information-7856.html] that they take customers' privacy seriously and that they only collect, record, store, and use customers' personal information in accordance with their privacy policy.

Here are some tips [LINK OUT "tips": https://www.lazada.com.ph/helpcenter/lazada-security-reminders-8379.html] to help keep your account safe and secure:

Tips for safe online shopping. Photo source: Lazada Philippines
Tips for safe online shopping. Photo source: Lazada Philippines

Do not share your personal information. Your name, phone number, and e-mail are only asked by the e-commerce site during sign-up. Beware of individuals falsely claiming to be representatives of Lazada or Lazada Customer Care. The e-commerce site also said they will never e-mail or call users to verify their account passwords, OTP or one-time password, remittance code, credit card information, or any other personal information.
● Do not pay outside the platform. Lazada said that their e-commerce company, and their sellers, will never ask for partial or full payment via money order, wire, or bank transfer. Payment for purchases should only be done and completed through the secure Checkout Page by choosing Lazada Wallet, Credit/Debit Card, Cash on Delivery, BDO Installment, and GCash. Never pay using barcodes that are not directly generated from Lazada. For Cash on Delivery, payment is given to the courier upon delivery of the item.
● Do not accept payment instructions through chat or email. Never accept payment instructions from sellers through "Messages" or "Chat" in the Lazada app. All payment instructions will be provided by Lazada once you request to top-up your Wallet, or in the secure Checkout Page.
● Beware of individual accounts posing as Lazada. Lazada Philippines will only get in touch with you when needed only through genuine emails (email addresses ending in "@care.lazadacom" or "@lazada.com.ph"), SMS (sender is LAZADA PH0, and hotline 02 7795 8900).
Beware of fraudulent websites. Pop-up websites appear through opening malicious softwares or scarewares. These pop-up websites may look extremely similar to a genuine website. These may steal your account including all the information you registered with it. 
● Report frauds/scams. If you receive suspicious or unusual communication, contact customer care here.
● Be vigilant against text scams. Scammers are posing as Lazada staff through SMS scams. Do not respond to the message, do not click the link, and do not give away any of your personal information.

Suspicious products

The e-commerce site also said that they are continuing to put measures to screen all sellers and products on their platforms.

Should you find a seller or a certain item suspicious, you can simply click 'Report' on the app.

Tips on how to report a suspicious product. Photo source: Lazada Philippines
Tips on how to report a suspicious product. Photo source: Lazada Philippines

For more security reminders, click here.

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