Everything you need to know about UNIQLO's AIRism collection


Posted at Nov 11 2020 01:27 PM

In a humid country like the Philippines, staying fresh and cool is an everyday battle. 

Whether you are on a commute to the office or working from home, having comfortable clothes spells all the difference between a great day and an uncomfortable one. Especially with a good deal of the population staying and working at home while watching their electricity consumption, having clothes that can keep you cool even in the hottest climate is a worthwhile investment. 

Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO saw this need and released its AIRism lineup. This collection offers a different way of everyday comfort by combining clothing technology with simple yet highly wearable designs. The complete range offers clothing for different types of people with different needs, all with the same cooling and breathable fabric. 

The AIRism collection is made to be worn all day without making you feel stuffy or uncomfortable in the heat. 

AIRism technology

The star of the line is UNIQLO's innovative fabric technology called AIRism. It is comfort conditioning technology that wicks away moisture and releases heat to give maximum comfort and cooling. This means that the fabric pulls moisture away from the body to the exterior of the clothes so that it will evaporate easier. That makes clothes from this collection quite useful in the work-from-home scenario.

Compared to ordinary polyester, this technology promises to keep you fresh even in warm rooms or crowded areas. 


UNIQLO's AIRism collection features two types of fabrics – AIRism Cotton and AIRism Jersey. 

The AIRism Cotton is a dual-layer material with cotton on the outside and AIRism on the inside. It combines the quick-drying properties of AIRism and the moisture absorbency and release of cotton. It can be found in Men's crew neck shirts, Men's tank top, and Women's ribbed bra sleeveless top.

On the other hand, the easy-to-move AIRism Jersey material adds another layer of softness to the clothes.

Both fabrics used in this series is smooth to the touch, controls odor, dries fast, and breathable – an overall silky texture with high moisture-wicking function. 

Fashionably comfortable at home

There are versatile pieces for men, women, and children available in this range. It offers comfortable and easy-to-wear polos and t-shirts with a smooth and cool skin feel.

For people always on-the-go or for those who live active lifestyles, the AIRism Sport Utility Wear is built with high-performance technology that makes movement easier. With its lightweight and quick-dry element, the tops and bottoms feel cool and refreshing against the skin. 

UNIQLO has gained popularity for its innerwear and this collection does not disappoint. 
Women's innerwear has a breathable layer of AIRism fabric so that it can act as a comfortable inner coating that exudes freshness all day. As a bonus, women's scoop-neck t-shirts and camisoles feature a slimming silhouette that looks clean when worn even on its own. AIRism bra tops also feature a sleeker design with a more flattering neckline and a stretchy material comfortable against the skin.

Kids who are sensitive to the sticky feeling of humid weather will like the clothes with AIRism cotton blend as it will quickly dry their sweat even as they run around and play the whole day. Babies are kept cool with mesh tank tops, while older kids have their pick of short-sleeve shirts, tank tops, and bra tops. 

Bedding and Pillow Cover

Since the home is now an even bigger part of people's everyday lives, UNIQLO added accessories to make home living even more comfortable. Using the same breathable AIRism technology, its line up of beddings promises breathability even in hot climates. They remain cool to touch and features a quick-drying property that stays smooth and dry.

The AIRism bedsheets, pillow covers, and duvet covers are available for single, semi-double, double, king, and queen size beds. It also comes in White, Grey, Dark Brown, Pink, and Blue color variants.

The AIRism beddings and pillow covers are now available in UNIQLO Manila's Global Flagship Store in Gloriette 5, Makati City. 

Truly, what you wear can affect your mood and how you go about your day. In hot climates like the Philippines, having clothes that will not only make you look good but feel good is very essential. 

Aiming to provide a better experience for everyday life, the UNIQLO AIRism collection promises a new way of living in comfort with its cooling clothing technology. It is a good option for achieving your fitness goals, working in the new normal, or simply for everyday loungewear. 

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