The Six Fix: Ways a mobile wallet can be the best cash alternative for millennials

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Posted at Nov 10 2017 11:10 AM | Updated as of Nov 10 2017 06:26 PM

The Six Fix: Ways a mobile wallet can be the best cash alternative for millennials 1
GCash's vision is to make cashless transactions for just about everything, even for micro businesses.

It’s the generation to go cashless.

Imagine walking inside a store and finding the perfect bag that you like – only, you don’t have enough cash along with you. So you go home and wallow in despair over the bag that’s possibly purchased by someone else by then. But you can turn this scenario the other way around, only if you know your options.

Living in the digital world has made millennials smarter with their choices. With the rise of eCommerce, more and more people are switching to online transactions. Travel ticket sales? Limited edition top from your favorite brand? Restaurant GCs to treat your family? All available in the internet. It’s as easy as one click and it’s yours. Only, some of these require a credit card, and not everyone can afford to get one.

It’s not always the case, though! Here’s a heaven-sent thing called “mobile wallet” – yes, a virtual holder of your precious cash that’s convenient to bring anywhere you go. So even if you leave your house with just your phone in your pocket, you can freely shop ‘til you drop! One example of this is GCash, and if you’re hesitant to try it out, here are some of the benefits you can get if you go cashless with GCash – we assure it’s a better alternative for you!

  1. Spending will reap you rewards. Ever heard of rebates? With GCash, a purchase isn’t really a guilt trip. Buying load (available for all networks) gets you a 5% return, so you save more for bigger spend!
  2. It’s easy to send money. Your little bro won’t need to worry if he forgot his wallet at home, as you can choose to just send him money via mobile. Easy!
  3. Hassle-free shopping. You have more than one options when you’re out for your retail therapy -- pay by scanning QR codes in participating merchants or simply use GCash American Express Virtual Pay (virtual card) or GCash Mastercard (physical card) for online and offline sprees. And oh, you can also book cinemas seats minus the long lines, too!
  4. Effortless bills payment. Pay for utilities, telcos, credit cards, and government fees, and many more!
  5. You can withdraw cold, hard cash. In times you’re badly in need of some cash, just look for an ATM and withdraw money with GCash Mastercard. Your day – saved!
  6. You obtain what you put in. The ratio value of money and GCash is 1:1. So no matter how much your stash is with GCash, it’s also the amount you have virtually, safe and secure!

Convinced? Download the GCash App now, register, and head out now to a GCash Store or their partner outlets, such as Puregold, SM Business Centers, Robinsons Business Centers, Villarica Pawnshops, Tambunting Pawnshops, 7-Eleven's ExpressPay, Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshops, and TouchPay kiosks, to convert your cash into GCash.  Be smarter about your choices. GCash mo na 'yan!

The Six Fix: Ways a mobile wallet can be the best cash alternative for millennials 2
GCash can be used at Marks and Spencer Glorietta and other establishments.

Join the Glorietta Madness Sale in November 11 and 12 where you can enjoy extra cashback when you scan to pay with your GCash App! Now, early Christmas shopping is made easy and more rewarding with GCash.

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