How coffee powers these people through the day


Posted at Nov 09 2020 04:25 PM

For many, no morning will be complete without a good cup of coffee to start their day. 

While it may seem like a simple thing, coffee is helping plenty of people not just kickstart their morning but power through life. It has become a necessity for some, while a leisure activity for others. 

Still, it is undeniable that coffee plays a big role in the modern person's strive for excellence. 

As if life is not challenging enough, the current health situation has changed many of the systems in society. And with this comes new forms of struggles that people are facing now. But Filipinos are known to be a resilient race and with the help of their favorite cup of joe, no test is too difficult to pass. 

Take the testament of these people for example. 

For Instagrammer Stephen George Estorque, no morning is complete without his cellphone and coffee. These two things are what gives him the strength to face another work-filled day.

''Lagi kong sinisimulan ang araw ko na may dalawang bagay na hawak. Cellphone ko at kape ko. Cellphone ko to check emails tungkol sa trabaho at sa isang kamay naman hawak ko ang NESCAFÉ mug na naglalaman ng paborito kong kape na siyang nagpapagising at nagbibigay tapang sakin para sa isa na namang panibagong work-loaded na araw,'' said Estorque. ''Ngayon handa na akong harapin ang araw ng 'di sumusuko dahil nasimulan ko ito kasama ng bagong NESCAFÉ Original na may tapang na 'di susuko. #tapangnadisusuko'' 

[I always start my day with two things on hand. My cellphone and my coffee. My cellphone to check emails about work and on one hand I hold a NESCAFÉ mug which contains my favorite coffee and this wakes me up and gives me the courage for another work-loaded day. Now, I am ready to face the day without surrender because I started it with the new NESCAFÉ Original with tapang na 'di susuko.]


How coffee powers these people through the day 1

For travel, lifestyle, and fitness enthusiast, Cristine Gem Garcia Anicas, the situation brought about by the health situation while difficult is also a learning experience for her. Armed with her coffee of choice, she is ready to face whatever the world throws at her. 

''Quarantine has been tough but also an absolute learning experience. I feel like I have grown a lot this year and so does my love for coffee. Nescafe has been part of my daily morning routine for a long time now and with a cup of the newest NESCAFE Original's tapang na 'di susuko, I am ready to face whatever challenges the world throws at me.''

How coffee powers these people through the day 2

Food and movie blogger Geoffrey Ledesma also knows the challenges of the daily grind, but by taking things one day at a time coupled with his favorite coffee, no bridge is too difficult to cross. 

''Araw-araw, ang dami nating pagsubok na kinakaharap, pero laban lang! "One day at a time" nga, sabi nila. Anuman ang itapon sa'yo, kayang lampasan - simulan mo lang ang araw mo nang may #TapangNaDiSusuko with Nescafe Original,'' he shares. 

[Every day, we face many trials, but just keep on fighting! "One day at a time," they said. Whatever comes your way, you can do it - just start your day with #TapangNaDiSusuko with NESCAFÉ Original.]

How coffee powers these people through the day 3

There are hundreds of stories of resilience and encouragement shared on social media. These people did not let any challenges hold them back from chasing their dreams and living the life they want to. 

Their secret? The new NESCAFÉ Original. 

NESCAFÉ Original is a 3-in-1 coffee mix with a strong taste and distinctive aroma. Made with caffeine-packed Robusta beans, this new recipe comes with more coffee content for an intense coffee flavor and aroma from the first whiff until the last sip. It is meant to wake you and power you through whatever challenges the day may bring. 

How coffee powers these people through the day 4

With a good partner in hand, no mountain is too high to reach and no dream is too big to chase. As exemplified by many people who have discovered the new NESCAFÉ Original, its tapang na hindi susuko [strength that does not give up], and its delicious taste and aroma that you feel from the first sip until the very last drop – a good cup of coffee has the power to help you face the day. 

To know more about NESCAFÉ Original and the #TapangNaDiSusuko, visit its website and follow its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. #TapangNaDiSusuko

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