Level up your immunity with probiotics and prebiotic fibers

Dutch Mill Delight

Posted at Nov 06 2020 05:01 PM | Updated as of Nov 09 2020 04:34 PM

Prioritizing health has never been more important because of the current health situation the world is facing today. 

Navigating the new normal with so many many products with 'immunity claims,' how do we know what really works and contributing to building stronger overall immune? After all, having a strong immune system is vital in fighting against sickness-causing viruses. 

One way modern Moms can do to further strengthen the family's immune system while promoting good digestion is by drinking Dutch Mill Delight every day. It can help improve gut health because it has the unique Duo Active combination of Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers that is clinically proven to build stronger immunity than just Probiotics alone.

Why Probiotics alone is not enough?

Probiotics are live good bacteria that help in balancing the bad stuff in the digestive system.

Currently, Dutch Mill Delight is the only cultured milk brand in the Philippines that offers both Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers. This makes a difference because Prebiotic Fiber feeds the Probiotics in your gut – helping it multiply and supporting it so that it lives for a longer time despite the harsh conditions inside the tummy. This way, good bacteria can produce more nutrients for your colon cells. It will then lead to a healthier digestive system and will allow your tummy to absorb nutrients quicker and ultimately, help give you a stronger immune system.

Dutch Mill Delight's Prebiotic Fibers are plant-based. Combining Probiotics and Prebiotic Fiber has also been scientifically proven to be effective for digestion and immunity. Aside from that, it also helps reduce cholesterol, boost folate levels and Vitamin B which keeps energy levels up - helping maintain a healthy immune system. Want to know more about the powerful combination of Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers? 
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Having a strong immune system and good digestion not only give you a strong defense but also gives the needed push to finish activities you have set for yourself – like staying physically active by doing some exercise.

Probiotics with Prebiotic Fibers, if regularly consumed can help build stronger immunity and by building stronger army of Probiotics, hence there are less chances of getting sick, and can prevent flu in the long term.

Now is not the time to settle for less. Probiotics and Prebiotic Fiber can help give stronger immunity to fight against disease-causing bacteria. 

Dutch Mill Delight now offers an upgraded version of cultured milk. It comes in two sizes — 100 ml and 400 ml — and is available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Dutch Mill 100 ml is also available via direct-to-home delivery services courtesy of Dutch Mill Delight Experts, in Metro Manila and selected provincial areas.

Enjoy a #DelightfullyGood drink and visit its Facebook page, Instagram account, and Website for more information. 

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