How to boost business growth


Posted at Nov 06 2020 04:34 PM | Updated as of Nov 06 2020 04:36 PM

How to boost business growth 1

The shift to virtual offices has accelerated for a lot of companies, with many of them transitioning to remote teams as the future way of working. These businesses are also adapting more advanced cloud-based technologies for remote collaboration, which enables work to be done online, and files and data to be accessed over the internet.

As this digital disruption takes place, it opens up new potential for growth for both big and small businesses. Here are three possible areas of boosted growth as a result of working in the cloud.

1. Growth in savings

How to boost business growth 2

A business that employs remote teams can reduce their overhead costs by eliminating office rental expenses. Without a physical office space, costs for utilities, equipment, and maintenance are also slashed. As a company spends less, there is a greater opportunity to save or even allocate more profits towards expanding the business.

2. Growth in size

How to boost business growth 3

When working in the cloud, the potential for businesses to scale up is limitless. This can be done by increasing the number of remote workers on a team, adding new services or product offerings, or increasing output. It can also mean expanding from a local enterprise to catering to a regional and even global market.

3. Growth in productivity

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A remote setup grants business owners and employees a higher level of autonomy, with regard to when and where they work. This technology-driven arrangement has been known to result in greater productivity and better performance from individual employees and teams. Choosing the right collaborative tool for remote teams makes a difference as it creates a seamless workflow, versus doing work on separate apps for communication, document and spreadsheet creation, and scheduling.

How to boost business growth 5

Multiple collaboration tools in a single app

An all-in-one app, such as Lark, is a good choice to help boost the growth of your business, while you work in the cloud. 

Lark is the next-generation collaboration suite that enables teams to do their work together. Every essential function you will need for a productive workday is found in one place. It is also free for businesses to use. 

Check out this video to see how Lark can help your team and how you can boost your team's efficiency with Lark.

Lark Messenger is available for quick work communication. Meetings and online conferences can take place over Lark Video Call, which offers unlimited call minutes for up to 100 participants. For sharing and co-editing documents and spreadsheets in real-time, there is Lark Docs. 

Lark Calendar, which has a special multi-time zone feature, makes scheduling meetings and tasks simple with anyone around the world. Email has always played a big part in business, and with Lark Mail, you get a redefined email experience, integrated with all the other essential work tools found within the app. 

When you need to use a third party application to get more work done, this can be easily installed and integrated into your workspace using Lark Workplace. There is no need to worry about the safety and privacy of your team and any work files saved in the system. Data security is ensured through an AWS certification that is compliant with strict rules in cloud computing. 

Start boosting your business growth by choosing Lark for your remote team. To learn more, visit its website or YouTube account:

Lark is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Click here to start using Lark today.

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