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Posted at Nov 06 2019 11:47 AM | Updated as of Nov 11 2019 02:46 PM

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The idea of spending or prioritizing wants over needs sound more interesting than saving. Some people even admit that saving money is not on top of their to-do lists. 

With the advent of technology, everything is now accessible and convenient at your fingertips—including saving. There are computer programs and mobile apps that can help you automate and control the way you handle money.

One of the leading global financial institutions, ING, offers an all-digital bank that allows depositors to access their money anytime, anywhere.
Here are five top tips to help you jumpstart your savings journey:

Be more mindful 

Take control of your funds by setting up an account with a bank that offers accessibility and convenience whenever, wherever. 

With the help of the ING Bank App on your smartphone, you can stay away from temptations of dipping into your savings account when you use an ATM card. 

Have a "Payday, Save Day"

Set aside a certain amount every payday. 

You can use interbank fund transfers or mobile check deposits in the ING Bank app to move money seamlessly. 

Doing this will make you more in control of your finances; it can also avoid spending beyond your means. 

Take on a challenge 

Once you get home from work or an errand, put all your 5- or 10-peso coins in a jar. The saved up amount can serve as an addition to your emergency fund. 

When you start to form the habit, increase the amount that you will set aside—make it P100 on the first week of the month, then P200 on the second week, and so on. 

Saving can be a good push and a way to nurture your sense of determination. 

Turn into a 'deals diva' and 'purchase police' 

Take advantage of your credit card's seasonal discounts or rebates on grocery shopping. 

There are certain establishments, times of the day or week that you can eat or shop at a cheaper price. You just have to keep an eye on offers and special plates. Gas stations also offer price slashes. 

While you are at it, create a mandatory waiting period for new purchases, such as delaying it for seven full days so you can take a breather, think clearly, and prevent another regretful buy. 

Get a savings buddy 

Find a friend or a relative who can join you in your #fundsforthefuture goals. 

Your savings buddy should be someone who you can chat or e-mail with every week to track or discuss your progress. You can even challenge each other like whoever saves less on a given month has to buy dinner or pay for a movie. 

If you are comfortable to share details of your finances, you can use a budgeting app that will prompt you to live within your means. It can also help you strategize in smart gifting or creative debt repayment, or limit your expenses with its intuitive features. 

In your personal mission to save, make sure your bank is on your side. 

For an extended period, the ING Bank App offers a 4.0% interest rate per annum (p.a.) for balances of up to P10 million. 

Existing customers and newly-opened accounts will enjoy this interest rate from November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. This is an increase from its previous 2.5% rate p.a. and is over 10 times higher than rates currently offered by other savings products in banks. 

With this much interest rate, you get more from your hard-earned money. 

Start managing your finances properly, download the ING Philippines - Digital Bank app for iOS or Android. 

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