6 reasons why baking is good for your wellness


Posted at Nov 05 2020 02:00 PM

6 reasons why baking is good for your wellness 1

If there is one good thing about the stay-at-home mandate, it is that plenty of people have discovered and rediscovered their inner cooks – the lockdown gave rise to trending bakers and chefs.

There is a reason why baking remains popular, even up to this day. 

Filipinos have found an extra means of income by peddling their freshly baked goods on social media, while others have turned to the kitchen for some me-time. 

Spending time in the kitchen does more than churn out delicious desserts, people are discovering the therapeutic benefits of this activity.

Whether it be for your online food business, a daily necessity, or simply a relaxing pastime - baking certainly has its perks. 

It is good for your mental health

When you are concentrating on a certain task for a specific time, you are focused on what you are doing and not on what is happening in the world around you.

Since being in the kitchen requires plenty of attention – from measuring ingredients, rolling the dough, setting the oven, and so on – you are being fully present in the moment and the task at hand. This act of mindfulness is beneficial for one's mental health. As experts have said, any activity that demands your complete attention has a meditative and relaxing quality.

It brings comfort

The baking process and its finished product often bring comfort to whoever is doing it. 

The scent of freshly baked muffins or the sweet waft of choco chip cookies coming out of the oven can bring a smile to anyone's face. Producing a tangible product with your own hands can be a comforting experience against an unpredictable backdrop. Plus, baking delicious desserts for your family is sure to make their day. 

For people who are used to baking, it also gives a sense of normalcy as they go through well-loved, familiar recipes. 

It can help mitigate stress

Provided you are not dealing with back-to-back cookie orders, baking can actually be a great stress relief. Baking bread, for instance, allows people to release pent-up feelings by kneading and rolling the dough. Even the smell of freshly baked bread is said to have relaxing qualities.

By following a set of instructions, without having to decide on every single aspect, can be a soothing activity that can help ease tension, anxiety, and negative thinking. Just try to not be too disappointed when things do not go your way.

6 reasons why baking is good for your wellness 2

It gives you control

With all the uncertainty in the world today, people are drawn to things that they can make sense of and control. In the kitchen, you are the boss. You decide what you want to bake, which recipe to follow, and what ingredients or alternatives to use. No one will judge you if you choose to go sugar-free or full cream – add extra sprinkles on if it will make you feel better. 

You know what to expect with baking and every aspect is within your command. You also get to control what you and your family eat since you are the one doing. 

It gives you a productive hobby

For people looking for something productive to spend their extra time with, learning a new life skill such as baking is quite a helpful hobby. Doing a task that actually gets you moving and creating will help you feel more inventive and creative. 

It certainly helps that you have good food to look forward to while relieving boredom. 

It gave rise to communities

Search quarantine baking or lockdown recipes online and you will see dozens of online groups dedicated to helping newbies learn the craft or veterans sharing tips. Baking tutorials and recipes have popped up over the months and many have found communities to belong in.

People have banded together and baked together, albeit virtually, and this has developed a communal experience transcending borders. It does not matter if you have no experience whatsoever or if you are a pâtissier, these little online communities have become a safe space for people to vent their frustrations, troubleshoot kitchen mistakes, and revel in each other's baking success. 

6 reasons why baking is good for your wellness 3

Will all these benefits, it is no wonder that many have found their way into the kitchen and have been baking since then. It helps that sourcing ingredients is now easier with on-demand platforms delivering the necessary ingredients to the comfort of your home.

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6 reasons why baking is good for your wellness 4

Baking through heartbreak, a chill day, or even a world crisis, is not really a new phenomenon. But with its countless benefits, it certainly appears to work as a soothing balm to the restless populace.

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