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Posted at Nov 04 2020 02:24 PM | Updated as of Nov 09 2020 02:20 PM

For years, the leading cause of death among Filipinos is Diseases of the Heart and Diseases of the Vascular System. In fact, it is estimated that one in two Filipino adults today have borderline to high cholesterol. It does not help that sedentary lifestyles and lack of proper physical exercise are common in the country.

While healthy living is not new, it is certainly picking up traction as more Filipinos acknowledge that they need to pay better attention to their health. Prevention will always be better than cure and people are seeing the benefits of investing in their wellbeing early on as compared to paying costly medical bills later. Shoppers are now more discerning when it comes to the food they buy and they are more well-read about products that will be good for them.

By committing to a proper diet and a relatively healthier lifestyle, you and your family can live better lives. You can start by making smart choices when it comes to the food you buy when grocery shopping or ordering online.

Here is a quick guide to help you buy food that is good for you.

Choose whole foods

Merriam-Webster defines whole food as ''a natural food and especially an unprocessed one (such as a vegetable or fruit).'' Whole foods are unrefined and unprocessed plant food without artificial substances. These may have a shorter life span because it is often free from preservatives and low on additives but it is high in nutrients. 

With the rising number of innovative platforms offering fresh produce on-demand, putting greens on the dinner table is no longer a herculean feat. Even if it can sometimes cost more, buying food like this can save you on health costs in the future. 

Avoid products with too much

Too much unhealthy salt, fat, sugar, and oil are not good for anyone, especially those with cardiovascular diseases. There are types of fats and oils that are good for the body, but unhealthy amounts of varieties such as saturated fat, trans fat, added sugar, or glucose should be avoided. 

Make it a habit to read the nutrition guide as you get deeper into the world of healthy living and educate yourself on what all those components mean so that you can make smarter food choices. 

Skip processed goods

This is probably recommended in just about every healthy list on the internet for good reason. Processed food tends to have an array of hidden preservatives and added ingredients that will not help your health journey. Not to mention the possibility that some of them can contain unhealthy chemicals.

While these are not 100% bad, it may be a wise idea to stick to whole or nutritious food and drink when you can. 

Look for smarter alternatives

One mistake plenty of people do when shifting to a healthier diet is restraining themselves from eating the food that they want. It is not a bad idea to give in to your cravings now and then, you only have to be a little more resourceful and creative in looking for healthier alternatives that will still satisfy your cravings. 

Craving for junk food? Shop for chips and sweets that are low in fat and calorie or those made with plant-based ingredients. 

Itching to order takeout? Try watching online tutorials on how to recreate famous restaurant recipes and make your own using healthier ingredients. 

Bored with just plain water? Why not get into juicing or DIY smoothies at home. You can make healthier coffee choices by going black or ditching artificial creamers and using low-calorie milk. There are also many drink alternatives that you can easily get with a wide variety of flavors and added benefits. 

Another alternative is drinking Del Monte Heart Smart. 

Del Monte Heart Smart has Reducol® which is a blend of stanols and sterols, clinically proven to lower cholesterol. According to a study, taking two servings of Del Monte Heart Smart daily may help lower cholesterol in eight weeks together with a balanced diet. It comes in two flavors – pineapple and orange, in 240mL and 1L Tetra pack.

Health trends aside, everyone should make it a priority to take better care of their overall wellbeing - including mental, physical, and emotional health. Managing cholesterol levels is just one way to do this, committing to a well-rounded diet is another. It certainly helps to make smarter and disciplined food choices. Know that being healthy will allow you to enjoy the true fulfillment of life and look forward to a bright future.

Do not let heart disease or high cholesterol get in the way of enjoying your future, commit to a fitness routine, pick good food, and drink Del Monte Heart Smart.

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ASC Reference Code: D159P102720DS

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