Do you experience blurry vision and eye strain?

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Posted at Nov 03 2021 02:01 PM

In a world immersed in the digital space, it is unavoidable that people are constantly looking at their screens 24/7. Some people, especially those who are in their early to mid‐40's, and sometimes even people in their late 30's, are finding it difficult to see clearly, especially when looking at their smartphone or engaged in activities at near distances like reading and craftwork.

Common compensatory actions to cope with visual blurriness are squinting, zooming in smartphones, stretching the arms to hold mobile devices and objects farther, constant switching between reading glasses and far vision glasses. These actions are symptoms of a condition called Presbyopia.

According to eye care professionals, Presbyopia is the loss of the ability to see things up close and may also come with feelings of soreness or tiredness in the eyes or headaches. The condition is caused by the gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens inside the eye. The lens becomes harder and less elastic over time. With less elasticity, it gets difficult for the eyes to focus on close objects.

The decreased ability of the eyes to see clearly affects people's daily lives as they can experience difficulty in reading, driving, viewing on digital devices, and other near vision tasks.

People sometimes neglect their visual health and opt to get off‐the‐shelf reading glasses without proper consultation, believing that it will solve their blurry vision, eye strain, and difficulty in reading. However, not consulting experts may have its disadvantages as it may result in buying eyeglasses that are not suitable for their condition and might instead cause headaches or blurry eyesight when focusing on different objects.

Essilor, one of the leading spectacle lenses worldwide, offers a solution with a 3-in-1 lens that helps correct vision, protects eyes, and enhances visual clarity. It provides solutions to different eye problems such as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, photophobia, and many others – helping people to see better and continue doing the things that they love.

A solution that will help you enjoy your daily life and be free from blurry vision and eye strain is to wear progressive lenses. Varilux is one of the top progressive lens brands worldwide that eye care professionals trust and recommend most. It provides sharp vision at every distance, allowing you to see near, far, and intermediate distances seamlessly with ease. With up to 30 patents in every lens, varying per lens type, these progressive lenses are personalized to meet your unique needs. 

Need new glasses to help you see better and live out the different facets of life? Buy one pair of Varilux lenses with Crizal and get your second pair 50% off. Photo source: Essilor Philippines website
Need new glasses to help you see better and live out the different facets of life? Buy one pair of Varilux lenses with Crizal and get your second pair 50% off. Photo source: Essilor Philippines website

Essilor understands that people can switch from living fully engaged in their work while also living for recreation. So, as an exclusive limited-time offer from July 1 to December 31, 2021, customers can get two pairs of lenses that best suit their lifestyles and activities. When a customer buys any pair of selected Essilor branded lenses with Crizal coatings, they can get a second pair of with a 50% discount. Now anyone can have one pair especially for work and another for recreation. 

Treat your eyes better today and start enjoying life with a clear vision and improved lifestyle. The multi-pair deal is available at participating optical shops nationwide, just ask for the Essilor Multi-Pair offer to enjoy the exclusive promotion or visit Essilor website for the full Multi-pair promo mechanics.

Essilor Philippines also aims to help Filipinos of all ages find the nearest eyesight expert, emphasizing that it is best to consult and get an eye exam at your nearest eye care professional to find the solutions that best fit your lifestyle. While there, you can also take advantage of the Multi-Pair offer and get eyeglasses that will keep up with all your routines. 

For more information about suitable eyewear, visual solutions, and discounts, visit the Essilor Philippines website. Get updates on the latest products and promotions by following its Facebook Page.

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