More than just a unit - literally

Joanna Zafra

Posted at Nov 03 2016 12:47 PM | Updated as of Nov 04 2016 04:50 PM

The Ellis' concept allows today's go-getters to enjoy more convenient lifestyles.

The dawn of digital technology has rippled the world of 9 to 5 work. Freelancing is now the perfect solution for people to do away with the daily grind of the grueling traffic, expensive overhead costs and being confined to one’s desk for 40 hours a week.

The setback, though, with being in a one-man business is that you will often resort to staying at home, where it’s likely that you don’t have a designated office space.

It’s easier to set up a workstation in a typical house built on one’s own lot. But what if you need to be in the middle of the city, and the only home that could be offered to you are small units in condominiums? With your need for a kitchen, a dining table, a bedroom, a bathroom, all cramped into that small space, where could you still possibly build your workspace? The result is staying on the couch with your laptop and your work files spread out on the coffee table. But this temporary office can definitely interfere with your productivity.

If you’re a budding fashion designer, wouldn’t you want your own workshop? A music producer would definitely dream of a sound proof, state-of-the-art studio right beside him.

Your life as an empowered entrepreneur demands an evolved living arrangement. The Ellis, Megaworld’s newest residential masterpiece in Makati CBD, has got you covered.

Having an office connected to a residential unit is now possible, thanks to the LINK units of The Ellis.

The Ellis’ LINK units give you the option of owning two connected units—one for your home and another for your office space. The sizes that you can choose from include studio + 1 bedroom, studio + 1 bedroom with balcony and studio+ 2 bedroom with balcony.

Designed for the young, creative and passionate go-getters, The Ellis has a standout modern design and first-of-its-kind amenities. A unique facility that you will also enjoy as a resident is the CoLAB Shared Spaces, a shared office which you can have access to anytime.

The CoLAB Shared Spaces is a co-working facility exclusive to future residents.

Other distinct features of The Ellis include the Town Hall, a contemporary space for casual gatherings and perfect for intimate get-togethers. It also has its own fitness center with expansive workout equipment, and an al fresco pool with an amazing view of the Makati CBD skyline.

Another amenity exclusive to the Ellis is the Pause and Play room. A new concept in condo development, it is a place where unit owners can drop everything, leave the stresses from the city and just be in touch with one’s creative self. Made comfortably and designed artistically, Pause and Play is packed with stimulating board games, educational books, and entertaining activities. This amenity was designed to reset a tired body and replenish a drained creative mind.

At The Ellis, you can definitely make an industrious life, not just a living. For more information, contact +63917-887-6223, email [email protected] or visit

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