Strategies for stress-free holiday shopping


Posted at Oct 31 2023 03:54 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

Ah, the holiday season – that special time when we share the love with cherished friends and family, and express gratitude to those who have lent a hand in times of need. But let us not sugarcoat it: holiday shopping may be quite the adventure. The endless lines at the checkout counters, endless waits at ATM booths, and the chaotic commute home – it is enough to test anyone's festive spirit. That is why we are here with some shopping tips to help keep your holiday cheer intact and your stress levels at bay.

1. Make the most of your bonus

Before you dive into the holiday shopping frenzy, tuck away that extra cash from your 13th-month pay and bonus. Use your money wisely. Think savings and investments, and carve out a budget specifically for your holiday shopping adventures.

2. Consider thoughtful and practical gifts

To give a little something to coworkers and friends is a sweet gesture. Instead of giving extravagant gifts, consider presents that are both practical and within your budget. These may be office supplies like ballpens or desk organizers for coworkers, and simple presents for friends like a cozy scarf, a personalized mug or tumbler, or a potted plant. 

When you choose thoughtful and practical gifts, you are not only spreading holiday cheer, but also showing your care and consideration for those around you.

3. Strategize your shopping schedule

Having a clear plan and shopping list will help keep you focused and prevent hours of aimless wandering in the mall. Scheduled shopping may help you focus and stretch your day for other things you need to do. Plan your spree strategically. For example:

• 1st weekend - Shopping for family
Mindfully choose gifts for your beloved family members. No rush, no fuss—just quality time spent choosing thoughtful presents.

• 2nd weekend - Shopping for your BFFs
This time, it is all about your best friends and the exchange gifts for those upcoming parties. 
With a clear plan, you may breeze through these selections efficiently.

• 3rd weekend - Shopping for Noche Buena
As Christmas approaches, it is time to focus on your grocery shopping, mainly for Noche Buena. Consider loading up on ingredients and goodies that will make your holiday feast a success.

4. Go cashless with your debit card 

Say goodbye to long ATM lines during the holiday season thanks to the speed, convenience, and safety of debit cards. No more fumbling for bills and coins in your wallet or having to load your digital wallet. In just a single tap, you may now make transactions worth up to P5,000 without having to key in your pin nor sign when you use the BPI Debit Mastercard®.

Photo source: BPI
Photo source: BPI

The process typically takes about five seconds to complete a transaction, provided your savings account is funded. With the BPI Debit Mastercard® you may make transactions that are fast, simple, and convenient, even better than using digital wallets. Plus, the tap feature is widely accepted at millions of partner stores.

Beyond convenience, the BPI Debit Mastercard® prioritizes security. It uses an advanced EMV technology to help safeguard customer information. For e-commerce transactions (specifically 3D secure transactions), BPI authenticates them thru a one-time PIN (OTP) for added protection. Additionally, when making non-"tap" transactions in physical stores you will need to use a 6-digit PIN (the same PIN you use for ATM withdrawals) to complete your payment. BPI also goes the extra mile by sending SMS alerts to customers withdrawing cash from ATM machines, ensuring a secure banking experience.

5. Online shopping may save the day

Photo source: Freepik
Photo source: Freepik

Thanks to its convenience and holiday deals or promos, online shopping has become a major part of Christmas shopping for many Filipinos. When shopping online, make sure to review and check out your online shopping cart, days or even weeks before your gift-giving occasion, to avoid delays. 

Features of the BPI Card Control. GIF source: BPI
Features of the BPI Card Control. GIF source: BPI

While debit cards may be used for online transactions, BPI's card control feature gives an added layer of security by allowing you to enable or disable your card's e-commerce access. Also, you may track your expenses and see where you have used your debit card through the BPI online and app.

Given the tendency for holiday spending to increase, you will be glad to know that the BPI Debit Mastercard® offers an e-commerce sub-limit toggle in Card Control. This feature allows you to use your remaining purchase limit for your e-commerce transactions. By turning off your P20,000 E-commerce sub-limit, you may use your BPI Debit Mastercard® for online purchases up to P250,000 depending on your set total daily purchase limit. 

This holiday season, let your debit card be your trusty sidekick and enjoy the convenience, safety, and peace of mind that come with going cashless. Why pay cash when you can tap, swipe, and check out using your BPI Debit card?


To unwrap more features of the BPI Debit Mastercard®, visit BPI'S official website and discover how you can do more with your debit card.

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