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Infinix Mobile

Posted at Oct 28 2022 03:13 PM

Photo source: Infinix Mobile
Photo source: Infinix Mobile

Technology is not only part of people's lives, but it has also taken over it. Without our smartphones, we will not be able to stay connected with our family and friends. It also contains our personal information, preferences, content about everything we are interested in.

Since smartphones have become integrated in our day-to-day living, technology companies have been looking for ways to improve their products.

Usually, people have to choose what particular feature is important to them and then get a smartphone that has that feature they are looking for. 

For example, content creators look for smartphones that have good camera for their shooting needs. Gamers look for a smartphone with high capacity to prevent lags, while everyone else is looking for a smartphone that may handle multiple tasks or has long battery life. 

Innovation ahead of its time

Infinix Mobile, an international smartphone developer, has stepped up to explore beyond the current technology and create a smartphone that everyone may appreciate.

Photo source: Infinix Mobile
Photo source: Infinix Mobile

The smartphone creator has come up with an innovation, making it possible to have a full charge within minutes with a 180W Thunder Charge Technology – enabling users to always be powered for any task or activity. 

The Infinix ZERO Ultra is currently Infinix's fastest charging phone. It has 111 protection features and 20 Temperature Sensors that help ensure the smartphone's temperature is always regulated to protect the battery and its charging cable.

Users will also get more detail in every shot with its 200 MP OIS Camera paired with a 1/1.22" Ultra Vision Sensor Size enabling an enhanced night photography with the Super Night Mode. It also has a 13MP ultra-wide angle lens and an Ultra Resolution Primary Rear Camera, while its selfie camera is at 32MP.

Using a new algorithm, the Infinix ZERO Ultra also features a new optimized AI Gallery with a fresh design. The tools in the AI Gallery allows users to edit photos, being able to adjust the brightness, color levels, rotation, filters, and other elements. 

With a 71° Waterfall Screen and 3D Curved 120Hz AMOLED Display, it delivers a good visual and tactile experience along with the 360HZ Touch Sample Rate, equipped with dual speakers with DTS stereo surround sound to achieve stereo sound even without headphones which brings an immersive visual experience. 

The Infinix ZERO Ultra also has Wi-Fi 6 enablement, dual 5G SIM, and the latest Erdal Engine 3.0 - which provide a reliable experience across networks.

The MediaTek Dimensity 920 and all-around 6nm 5G Processor also push the boundaries of a 5G smartphone experience. While MediaTek's HyperEngine 3.0 supports 5G call and data concurrency 3.0, 5G HSR mode, and Super Hotspot Power Saving, enable a stable network experience.

Its extended 13GB RAM helps improve the speed and performance of the device while being powered by the XOS 12. The smartphone also emphasizes the design and technology, with 1+N themes, users may switch and customize the software based on evolving moods and trends. 

The ZERO Ultra also features Folax, a voice assistant that may be used without internet connection. 

An independent, low-power chip supports wake-up without having to turn on the screen manually while each operation using the smartphone is helped by an assistant that prevents lagging. 

Photo source: Infinix Mobile
Photo source: Infinix Mobile

Collection of NFTs

Infinix has also launched a collection of space-themed NFTs alongside the Infinix ZERO Ultra as their market value continues to increase. 

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens represent real-world items. It is a cryptographic token that exists on a blockchain and it cannot be replicated. "Tokenizing" items also reduces the probability of fraud.

An NFT lottery card is placed in the package of each device. Giving device owners an opportunity to receive an NFT when they win the lottery by scanning the code.

Photo source: Infinix Mobile
Photo source: Infinix Mobile

Infinix continuously develops and embraces innovation by constantly creating, upgrading and improving its new and existing premium smartphones for its customers.

The Infinix ZERO Ultra is available in Coslight Silver and Genesis Noir at Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop for P21,999 SRP. 

Infinix Mobile also welcomes you to share your ZERO Ultra experience across your socials by tagging Infinix using: #ExploreBeyond. 

Connect with them through @InfinixPhilippines on Facebook, @infinixphilippines on Instagram, and @infinixphilippines on TikTok.

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