A day in the life of a queen: How Pia stays on top

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Posted at Oct 26 2022 01:18 PM

 Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach
Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach represents every Filipino in the country who faces different challenges daily, but tackles them while being 'confidently beautiful with a heart.'
Winning the Miss Universe title and fulfilling her duties as a beauty queen, an advocate, an actress, and a model – are only a few among the many titles she is holding, and they are not easy tasks. However, Queen P still manages to maintain grace under pressure. She makes it seem so easy, but the reality is, she faces many difficult challenges daily.
"There are a lot of things that are keeping me busy at the moment. Honestly, what really motivates me to work hard and take on many roles would be the personal goals I set for myself, my family, and my loved ones, and my personal advocacies and commitments," shares Wurtzbach.

Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach
Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach

She shares that she still travels with her fiancé despite both their packed schedules. They really try to make it a point to see each other regularly. "We found a base in Abu Dhabi and splitting my time between Manila and Abu Dhabi has been working, so I keep the balance of attending the shoots that I need to do here at home with the brands that I work with, with the advocacies that I work with, and at the same time having some personal time for myself, with my family, and the people I love."
Wurtzbach also shares that aside from all her duties and responsibilities, she still tries to live a healthy lifestyle as she is preparing for her first marathon in November.
With all the hats that she has to wear daily, she shares how she manages to always stay on top of every challenge she faces daily.
"Time management is really important. I prioritize squeezing in a run as much as I can every day if the schedule permits of course. And I am just trying to keep myself productive (to the extent) that I am working on little things every day so I feel like none of the tasks are being put on hold for too long," shares Wurtzbach.
For her, another tip is to have enough sleep. Pia feels that she can take on any challenge throughout the day when she is well-rested and has a well-balanced diet. "Sleep, rest, recovery, keeping active, good food, and good supplements— that is what is really important."

Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach
Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach

However, being a superwoman in real life does not mean that she does not feel tired. She shares that there are times when she feels like she is not able to do her best every day and that is the reality.
She shared that as a woman, she also goes through ups and downs and hormonal changes during her period which simply cannot be ignored.
"I feel like whenever I am close to my period, that is when I tend to slow down. I noticed issues like hilo, putla, and lata, (feeling dizzy, looking pale, and feeling weak) actually. I have the tendency to slow down a little bit, but then that is only because I am not giving my body the right kind of supplements or nutrients so I can keep going," says Wurtzbach.
At first, she was not aware that what she felt were early warning signs of iron deficiency anemia which usually affects a lot of people and may be bad for anyone's health if not addressed.
"I have been lucky enough to have people educate me on the importance of blood health. I used to think that as long as I am keeping myself healthy I can keep going like a machine but it is really not the case," shares Wurtzbach.
Experts and other women have inspired her to take more care of herself inwardly. She learned that she needs to make sure that her iron levels are balanced. Moreover, maintaining an active lifestyle while taking care of herself by eating right and taking proper supplements will help get her through her physical challenges.
"I think our body is like a machine and as long as you can take care of it, it will keep taking care of you. This is why you need to maintain a healthy diet with enough exercise. Sleep is also equally important along with proper blood health. When you start feeling the signs of iron deficiency anemia; 'yung nahihilo ka, namumutla, nanglalata (when you feel dizzy, look pale, and feel weak) that may be a sign that you need to take iron supplements," says Wurtzbach.

Photo source: Unilab
Photo source: Unilab

(Iron + Vitamin B-Complex + Folic Acid) Hemarate FA has 60 mg of elemental iron which is the recommended dosage for Filipinos with what they call "low blood" or Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA), along with proper diet and exercise. (Per DOH A. O. No. 119 s. 2003) Elemental iron is also the form of iron that the body absorbs. Lack of iron or those with IDA may possibly experience fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, confusion, loss of concentration, and other signs that may affect daily life.
Aside from elemental iron, it also contains Folic Acid, a B-Vitamin that helps produce red blood cells, and vitamins B6 and B12, a B-Complex that complements the function of iron in carrying oxygen to the blood.
Pia shares that aside from time management, having a set goal for the day, and loving what she does, she stays on top of her daily challenges by taking the right supplements that her body needs while maintaining a healthy diet, keeping herself active through exercise, and having enough sleep and hydration.
Pia hopes that Filipinos will also be inspired to take care of their blood health to stay on top of everyday challenges.
(Iron + Vitamin B-Complex + Folic Acid) Hemarate FA is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. To learn more about the supplement visit their official website and Facebook page

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