Advocacy pushes for courage to highlight freedom to love


Posted at Oct 23 2019 11:53 AM | Updated as of Oct 24 2019 03:54 PM

Advocacy pushes for courage to highlight freedom to love 1

There is probably nothing as controversial as an unconventional love affair. Why so? If there’s anything Romeo and Juliet taught humankind, for instance, it’s that tragedy awaits those who seize a nonconformist romance.

Early on, an unspoken rule set in to say that abiding by the standard or following what’s customary is the easiest way to live a scar-free life; that in order to calm down rumor mills, one must align with society’s common beliefs and practices. This is why many discourage even the idea of unconventional dating.

In its profound and persistent attempts to shake the status quo of relationships, Closeup continues its advocacy of encouraging everyone to be #FreeToLove through building up that needed a boost of confidence to take initiative to get close and overcome the fear of judgment, social pressure, and discrimination. Just because it’s unconventional does not mean it’s wrong.


Anyone willing to challenge the predetermined norms is a progressivist who undoubtedly has an open mind, enough to take on the risks and backlash that go with it.

Intergenerational couples, for instance, have the benefit of familiarizing, acknowledging, assessing, and, weighing two very distinct perspectives—influenced by their respective eras—at any given situation. This allows the pair to broaden their maturity, as well as their skills to mutually empathize more naturally.

For interracial couples, and pairs with cultural and religious differences, a convergence of their individualities would result in a mentality of a more accepting nature that embraces uniqueness.

Role models

While unconventional couples are not in the usual roll call of role models, people should consider changing that; as these are the individuals who spearhead the promotion and encouragement of self-expression.

They deserve to be looked up to because they embody the importance of speaking up, rather than leaving things unsaid. They are living evidence that when it comes to loving someone, anything that compromises your own happiness at the expense of trying to live by what society expects from you does not equate to being at peace. To be at peace with yourself means you have true freedom to love, and true love in the freedom you choose.

With these couples’ sincere efforts that blossom in forms of social movements to eradicate prejudices and discrimination, they are giving future generations a freer and safer space to love.

Shared experience

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Just as how soldiers solidify their fraternal instincts through combats and wars, the long and heavy struggle of atypical couples to uphold their rightful choice of partner is enough for an irreplaceable bond to settle in. Hand in hand, the unparalleled experience of going up against the world together adds another reason to intensify and substantiate the relationship.

As an example, ex-lovers who seek the opportunity to rekindle what they once had are often met with disapproval from peers, colleagues, and even family. Getting in touch with an ex may trigger memories that are better locked up. However, there are also those cases where the relationship was ended by neither one of them, but by people around them. This shared hurdle is what propels them to gravitate around each other.

Advocacy pushes for courage to highlight freedom to love 2

In the short journey of life, what speaks true to you is what matters. Let each moment count by not carrying the unnecessary load of feeling like you owe something to society. Make your move and be confident in pursuing your freedom to love.

To cease all doubts once and for all, allow these short films presented by Closeup to support you and heighten the reassurance that there’s no fault in having the liberty to choose who to love.

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