Here's why you need to shower twice a day

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Posted at Oct 22 2021 01:06 PM | Updated as of Oct 22 2021 03:23 PM

Photo Source: Pexels
Photo Source: Pexels

Hot weather conditions in the country have made it part of the Filipino culture to take a bath or shower every day, especially before leaving the house. It was then relatively easy for Filipinos to adapt new hygiene routines amidst the current global health situation. Apart from regular baths, everyone is reminded to thoroughly wash their hands and avoid touching the face area – specifically the eyes, nose, and mouth. It is also recommended that everyone should disinfect their hands immediately after coming in contact with high-touch surfaces, objects, or other people.

As the current health situation continuous to affect everyone, Filipinos must also adapt new preventive measures to have a stronger fighting chance. 

According to Dr. Jerry Cua, it is recommended for everyone to keep their overall health in check and one way to help fight against the current health situation is to stay clean.

"Showering twice a day not only maintains scalp health, but also helps eliminate unwanted germs in our body," Dr. Cua explains. He further emphasizes that according to a study quick baths also help improve mood and reduces fatigue after a long day.

A message from Procter & Gamble (P&G) and the Department of Health (DOH) also encourages Filipinos to take a bath twice a day - before leaving the house and immediately after coming back home. 

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Bath Man, a new superhero introduced by the DOH and P&G, reminds Filipinos to, "Go take a bath, man! Two times." The new superhero is P&G and DOH's fun and catchy way to encourage Filipinos to practice new hygiene habit.

Hard-working Filipinos can also be heroes in their own homes like Bath Man by taking extra preventive measures at home.

Bath Man explains that taking a bath upon arriving at home is important because it will help kill any germs or viruses that people may have picked up outdoors, which can immediately spread to their loved ones if they interact with them without showering first. 

 Head & Shoulders Antibac with the power of Safeguard has triple scalp action and helps protect against dandruff and itch.
Head & Shoulders Antibac with the power of Safeguard has triple scalp action and helps protect against dandruff and itch.Photo source: Head & Shoulders Facebook

Head & Shoulders and Safeguard, both manufactured by P&G, come together to create a combination of its best-selling formulations – Head & Shoulders Antibac with the power Safeguard. The new shampoo promises to cleanse the scalp, fight germs, and give protection against itch and dandruff. 

Safeguard's formulation claims to remove up to 99.9% of germs and help give protection for up to 24 hours after use, while Head & Shoulders is known for helping people have non-greasy, dandruff and itch-free hair. When paired together, its combined benefits can help anyone stay clean from head to toe.

Head & Shoulders Antibac will get to the root of the problem, fighting excess oil, sweat, and dandruff, and cleanses the hair and scalp. 

Following Bath Man's advice by showering twice a day can not only help one feel fresh from day to night, but it also reinforces protection of the entire family. 

Doing extra precautions like this can go a long way in helping secure one's health and well-being. 

For more information about the new Head & Shoulders Antibac with the power of Safeguard, visit its website, Facebook Page, or YouTube channel for the latest updates.

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