3 recipe ideas to start your own food business today


Posted at Oct 22 2020 09:19 AM

Filipinos are known worldwide for their hospitality and cheerfulness. This skill has not changed over the years as Filipinos continue to find the silver lining in just about everything. Filipinos are also known to be creative and quite the resourceful entrepreneur. People are getting imaginative in looking for means to earn money and spend time at home productively. In the past months, this is seen most especially on social media and in the community setting, as just about every household has something to sell or re-sell. Neighbors are breaking out heirloom recipes and re-creating popular baked goodies such as ube cheese pandesal, sushi bake, and banana bread. 

If you want to join in on the fun and earn extra income on the side, why not try your hand at starting your own online food business.

Do not know where to start? Look no further as here are three recipe ideas that are not only delicious but will surely sell well, too. 

Chocolate Brownies

If you are looking for a classic product to start with, you can never go wrong with chocolate brownies. Channel your inner child with this timeless dessert and build your food business on a brownie empire. It is a fairly doable recipe that even beginners can try and flexible enough that more veteran bakers can spin their own flair to it. 

It also does not consume too much time. In just over one hour, you already have one batch of 15 pieces ready to sell. Try and stir in NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream in your brownie batter for an added moist and chewy factor.

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To get the full recipe, click here.

Yema Cake

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Another recipe idea is a cake inspired by a popular candy-like Filipino treat. Yema is a sweet custard confectionary made from egg yolks, milk, and sugar. This indulgent recipe translates the yema into a fluffy cake with creamy and cheesy flavors. 

You are bound to get orders for Sunday family gatherings or at-home birthday celebrations. For brand recall, be creative with your toppings and designs. Use NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream in the frosting for a light and creamy texture that will meld well with grated cheese.

To make your rendition of the Yema Cake, visit this page.

Brazo De Mercedes Cups

For something more challenging and unique at the same time, why not go for Brazo de Mercedes Cups. 

Brazo de Mercedes is a traditional Filipino meringue roll with a rich custard center topped with powdered sugar. 

Eggs, sugar, and cream of tartar are the main ingredients and it gives a nice taste of sweet, milky filling encased in a pillowy cloud. This single-serving of sweetness is sure to be a standout among a sea of cookies and bread. To make it even special, combine egg yolks, condensed milk, lemon zest, butter, vanilla, cornstarch, and NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream for a rich and creamy custard center that customers will not forget about. 

It is a tricky option, and it may take several tries before you perfect it, but you are sure to wow your clients when you get it right. 

Are you ready for the baking challenge? Get the recipe for 24 servings of Brazo de Mercedes Cups here.

Once you are confident in making it, offer another variant by changing the filling to Creamy Ube Halaya to make Brazo de Violeta.

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What do these recipes have in common? Apart from being quite easy to do and guaranteed to draw hungry patrons, they use a versatile product like NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream. Using NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream in your recipes will give it a nice light texture while adding a creamy taste. Set your baked goodies apart from the rest by tempting your customers with delightfully creamy desserts with the help of this product. 

The kitchen companion for many homemakers, NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream is a premium all-around cream with just the right thickness and richness to suit any dish. Whether it be a savory beefy dish or a sweet confectionary, a solid base like NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream is helpful to make your baking business dreams come true. 

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With a little bit of investment, a dash of creativity, and hard work, your online food business is closer to reality. 

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