David Beckham bats for health and wellness during his visit in Manila

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Posted at Oct 21 2019 01:55 PM | Updated as of Oct 21 2019 05:50 PM

David Beckham bats for health and wellness during his visit in Manila 1
David Beckham high-fives youth members of the Philam Life 7s Football League. Photo by Migs Bustos

Even with the sun not quite up yet, the vivacious hype occupying the grounds of the McKinley Hill Stadium generated the kind of warmth that supersedes summer.

The wellness activity — which includes a football clinic, summit, and press conference — is part of AIA Philam Life’s ambition to promote healthier, longer, and better lifestyle for Filipinos.

Headlining the three-part Live Better Expo is Global Ambassador of AIA Philam Life insurance company, and English football star, David Beckham.

Along with AIA Philam Life 7s Football League’s youth players aged 8 to 12, led by the team's founder Anton del Rosario, the event started off with Beckham’s spectacular routine drills. Onlookers were privileged to see the players' A-game.

"It's great to be back in the Philippines and to play football with these kids and coaches from the AIA Philam Life 7s Football League. Embracing sports at an early age is a great way to build positive habits for a lifetime of health. I really believe in making healthy choices and leading a healthy lifestyle," said Beckham.

David Beckham bats for health and wellness during his visit in Manila 2
David Beckham receives a Sepak Takraw from Philam Life CMO Leo Tan, as a token of appreciation

At the health and wellness summit, Beckham shared the stage with Philam Life Brand Ambassadors Wil Dasovich, Raymond Gutierrez, Nico Bolzico, and wife, Solenn Heussaff, to discuss how they approached different health concerns in their respective lives.

Being one of the most prominent faces in football did not grant Beckham a free pass when it comes to raising his children.

"As parents, we always know that it's not that easy. We all struggle to get our children in bed early, or to make them realize that actually they need 9-10 hours of sleep, before they get up and go to school," Beckham said.

One way to go about it, he added, is to work with family. "It’s about balance. I'm lucky that I have an amazing wife. We work in shifts to see what works… and our priority is always our family."

With a strong following behind the legendary athlete, Beckham shared how he is a huge supporter himself to his family's different endeavors.

"I always support my kids in whatever they want to do. My oldest son, Brooklyn loves photography, so I support him in that. My son Romeo loves tennis, so I can’t beat him anymore unfortunately, he’s gotten too good. I support my son Cruz, he loves to sing, he loves to dance. And Harper, she can do everything,” the star player said, gushing over his nonpareil daughter.

A catalyst for change, Beckham indulges in businesses and collaborations that shed light on current issues, and creative solutions through sports.

"Working with AIA, working with Philam Life, it's been an amazing experience from day one. Because I'm involved in a company and a partnership that does so much to so many people, and it's literally changing people's lives,” he said.

"When I go to different territories, and see the changes that we're making as a company, to people's lives, that's the most important thing."

David Beckham bats for health and wellness during his visit in Manila 3
From left: Philam Life Ambassadors Wil Dasovich, and Raymond Gutierrez, Philam Life CMO Leo Tan, AIA Global Ambassador David Beckham, AIA Group CMO Stuart Spencer, Philam Life Ambassadors Solenn Heussaff, and Nico Bolzico

Also present at the event were former Philippine Azkal players Aly Borromeo, Armand del Rosario, Simon Greatwich, James and Phil Younghusband, and local personalities from the League such as Nico Bolzico and Daniel Matsunaga.

During the press conference, the English football star stressed how investing in better sleep habits is crucial. In the words of AIA Group Chief Marketing Officer, Stuart Spencer, "sleep is the greatest performance driver," bringing up the movement #OneMoreHour.

"We, in Asia, are in the midst of an epidemic… as Asia has become wealthier, Asia has not become healthier. A key example is here in the Philippines, where more than 70% of disease diagnoses are lifestyle-related," he elaborated.

If there is one key takeaway from the football icon's recent visit in the country, it's that a deteriorated lifestyle takes the heaviest toll on an individual's well-being, including those around them.

So whether it's drinking the right amount of water, observing proper diet and exercise, or putting gadgets away from time to time — as Beckham tries to diligently inculcate upon his family — these life choices are what spells the difference between one's potential and their incapacities.

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