Love, wear, wash, repeat!


Posted at Oct 18 2019 03:48 PM | Updated as of Oct 18 2019 03:49 PM

Love, wear, wash, repeat! 1

Take a look at what you are wearing. Is it new? Or something you have for a while now? If it’s the latter, does it still give the impression of being freshly bought? Or does it have ancient written all over it?

That’s the thing with clothes—you love them so much, you end up reusing them until one day they are all faded and outstretched due to continuous, incessant washing.

Across the fashion space, this is among the most common concerns of clothes enthusiasts. People do away with wearing their favorite outfits in fear of tarnishing their once marvelous state. But if they decide to altogether not wear such attires to save their brilliance, why purchase them at all?

What’s more troubling is that color fading is only part of the puzzle. Constant washing also leads to other undesirables including shape loss, yellowness, roughness, and blobbing. If you heard of an advanced detergent that combats these signs, would you give it a try?

Finally, the NEW Comfort Care Detergent spells the end of a tireless routine of buying-wearing-washing-disposing, revolutionizing it into a dynamic sequence of loving-wearing-washing-repeating.

Pioneering anti-aging technology

Love, wear, wash, repeat! 2

Cleaning and caring for clothes in one go is a moving target. With NEW Comfort Care Detergent, you can hit bullseye. 

NEW Comfort Care Detergent’s first priority is to provide a solution to prevent clothes from aging, to accomplish that positive change on how you look, how you feel, and how you smell.

Fashion Care Expert

Love, wear, wash, repeat! 3

Fashion followers are invited to embrace the full capacity of their style by incorporating Comfort into their laundry experience.

With the NEW Comfort Care Detergent, you can confidently walk up to a wardrobe filled with quality clothes in their topnotch condition as if they are all brand new.

Comfort’s expertise in the field of fashion helps preserve the quality and design of garments, shaping holistic clothes care.

Self Expression

Love, wear, wash, repeat! 4

What really sets this premium detergent apart from other leading brands is that it cultivates emotional significance between wearers and their individuality and character.

Comfort’s values are meant to invoke intimacy from people, for them to change the way they care for clothes, at the same time parade their pride and uniqueness. The way you should value your existence is how Comfort values your clothes, polishing and cleansing to be better, not to be worn out.


Love, wear, wash, repeat! 5

Whatever culture and tradition shaped you to be the person you are today will be equated with what you choose to don over your body, in the similar way the organization or team whose principles you stand with will always speak powerfully of who you are.

New Comfort Care Detergent takes you to that phase where you can fully exercise your roots, motivations, and ambitions, without worrying about the language, the solidity and permanence of colors in your clothes.

Celebrating the future of the fashion industry in the Philippines, one must be wary of habits that can be damaging to everyday clothes. With the NEW Comfort Care detergent, you can make your clothes look #NewForLonger.

Not everyone gets a chance to keep wearing the clothes they love without aging them. But now, you do. Celebrate your love for clothes and keep your clothes #NewForLonger with NEW Comfort Care Detergent. Click here and Shop Now.

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