Things millennials need to invest in for success


Posted at Oct 15 2020 02:31 PM

With new changes come new needs and new demands. Even with the world slowing down, helping people keep up with their changing priorities, many have found themselves at a limbo. 

In a constantly changing world, how do you reach for your dreams and find success? 

While there is no generic answer to this, having the right tools and making the right decisions will certainly help. 

Here are some suggestions for millennials looking to find success. 

Health insurance and emergency fund

Getting sick in these uncertain times can be difficult and having a health card or insurance will help you tide over any costs incurred. That is why if you do not have one yet, it may be a good idea to research online or talk to a financial advisor to see what plan will work best for you.

Another important thing to have on hand is an emergency fund. This will give you a buffer when unexpected expenses come in, so you do not have to withdraw from your savings account. Experts suggest that one's emergency fund should amount to at least three to six months of your salary. 

Online presence 

Online presence is important now more than ever, especially for people on the lookout for jobs. Checking one's social media accounts is increasingly becoming part of the screening tests done by Human Resource representatives. Having a reputable online profile will increase your professional image and help people find you and know more about your skillsets. 

Home office space

Investing in a productive corner of your home is a smart idea, since the work-from-home setup may last longer than expected. Do not scrimp on a comfortable office chair or a sturdy desk as these are things that will help you in the long run. Feel free to order organizers, mood boards, or even desk plants to truly make that space yours. 

Having a space where you can let your creativity flow will boost productivity, making work-from-home more of a joy than a chore. 

High-quality devices

A quality headset or earphones and a durable laptop with a good webcam are also good investments in a time when video calls and online conferences are the norm. 

Work is not the only thing that people use their devices for, which is why investing in high-quality ones will save you more money in the future. In this new age, a smartphone or a laptop is one's window to the world. Having a device that can balance performance, connectivity, and entertainment will be an advantage. 

One such gadget is Lenovo's IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop. It is a stylish device powered by up to AMD Ryzen 7 4700U mobile processor with Radeon Vega graphics, which translates to faster all-around performance, graphics, and improved productivity. The sleek IdeaPad Flex 5 features super-fast connectivity and advanced display technology and comes with unique fabric-like paint to give its inner surface a classy finish.

Millennials in the creative field will find this computer helpful for its flexibility. It features a 360-degree hinge so it can adapt to all your needs. You can use it in 'Laptop' mode for everyday documentation or in 'Tent' mode for sharing files. Place it in 'Stand' mode for impromptu Netflix sessions and lastly, fold the device over completely to use it as a ‘Tablet’ for sketches and doodles. Also included upon purchase is the Lenovo Digital Pen that will help capture creative ideas on-the-go.
It is built with long battery life, narrow bezels on four sides, Full High Definition display combined with user-facing Dolby Audio speakers, and enhanced webcam privacy. 
The IdeaPad Flex 5 comes in multiple trendy colors such as platinum grey, graphite grey, and light teal.

The IdeaPad Flex 5 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 upon purchase, as well as Lenovo’s exceptional 3-Year Premium Care Warranty solution that entails comprehensive hardware and software support, 24x7 direct access to Lenovo engineers, annual PC Health Check, and on-site repair upon request and availability. It is a testament to Lenovo’s commitment to deliver smarter technology for all, helping more people and businesses unlock their potential, even amid a new normal.

Success does not have to be put on hold, surround yourself with worthwhile investments that will go a long way in the new normal.

Whether it is for your next big design, an interactive school project, or simply for some binge-watching me-time, never hinder your creativity. Choose a trusty device like Lenovo's IdeaPad Flex 5 and let your ideas soar freely.

For more information about Lenovo's IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop, visit its official Facebook page or its website. Contact any Lenovo authorized reseller to get your hands on an IdeaPad:

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