5 unique Pinoy values children should learn-- and never forget


Posted at Oct 13 2017 06:24 PM | Updated as of Oct 18 2017 04:33 PM

People come and go, but values never die. Our concepts of good and bad have been emblazoned on stone and shall prevail in generations after us. 

As Filipinos, we have our own set of values our parents have instilled on us. And while some of us would dare say we "never forget," it wouldn't hurt to remind ourselves of these values every once in a while. This, to ensure that our values will live on in the years to come.

Here are some of the unique Pinoy values every child should learn and never forget:

1. Respect for elders (Paggalang sa nakatatanda)

Elders are a human library of wisdom-rich experiences that may come in handy during tough times. That's why we should honor them, listen to their words, and follow their examples.

2. Empathy (Pag-intindi sa nararamdaman ng iba)

Putting yourself in one's shoe is the best way to understand a person. We are not experiencing the same situation and emotion at the same time. Thus, we have to be careful with our words and actions. The best thing to do is smile, ask, and be a friend. 

3. Deep regard for fellow humans (Pakikipagkapwa-tao)

Sacrificing your own comfort for other people is one of the most gratifying deeds a human can do. And it also sets an example to other people, who might remember you when they encounter the same situation.Essentially, albeit unconsciously, you are spreading good vibes by pakikipagkapwa-tao. 

4. Patriotism (Pagiging makabayan)

There's more into pagiging makabayan than memorizing Lupang Hinirang and Panatang Makabayan. It also means patronizing our own products, being faithful to the law, and ensuring that we fulfill our obligations as citizens of the country.

5. Cultural continuity (Pagpapatuloy sa kultura)

In line with pagiging makabayan, we should also promote our own culture. And by promoting, we mean not just practicing it but also ensuring its continuity amid challenging times. Let's not forget that our culture is the soul of our humanness. It is composed of traditions, morals, beliefs, and everything that keep our community from falling apart.

One of the main Filipino beliefs, if not culture, is “pagiging matulungin sa kapwa”. It has been taught to us since we were kids—to help those in need. It is every mom's wish for her child to grow up with these values. However, no matter how how hard we try to teach our children, sometimes we're not sure if they really absorbed everything.

Breeze Philippines tested the values of Pinoy kids by conducting a social experiment titled "THE FIELD GOOD TRIP." The participants were brought to a farm in Antipolo, where hidden cameras and microphones have been earlier installed for surveillance.

The kids had no idea that their moms were secretly watching from a hidden tents in the area. As the experiment begun, one by one, the kids were introduced to an elderly lady who “accidentally” fell off her chair and into the dirt.

It may be muddy and dirty, but the kids did not hesitate to help the elderly lady—even if their white uniforms got soiled.

Upon seeing their children helping the elderly lady on their own, the moms inside the hidden tent were surprised, and touched, and couldn't help but shed tears of joy. Indeed, not all stains are caused by carelessness. Some of them are proof of undying Pinoy values every kid must live by.

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