The momshies' guide to proper handwashing


Posted at Oct 12 2020 03:21 PM

The momshies' guide to proper handwashing 1

Practicing cleanliness and good hygiene is important now more than ever before. To keep your family safe, the household needs to have strict rules when it comes to washing outdoor clothes, taking a bath after taking a trip outside, and keeping hands clean.

Handwashing in particular is a skill that everyone needs to learn and do automatically after every activity, especially for people who leave their homes. 

But did you know that based on the 2020 Philippines Handwashing Habits Survey results, although 99% of Filipinos have started to wash their hands more since the current health situation started, 50% of them do not know how to do it right. 98% of Filipinos also think that Filipinos need major education on proper handwashing.

This can be a problem since handwashing plays a vital role in making sure that any germs or virus do not spread and reach the household. During these times, Filipinos should ditch the ''puwede na'' attitude when it comes to cleanliness and commit to learning the proper techniques. 

The Momshies of ABS-CBN show Magandang Buhay, Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros, and Jolina Magdangal learned this the hard way. In a live video catch up between the momshies, plant momshie Melai Cantiveros demonstrated the Filipino attitude of ''puwede na.'' Apart from using a small pot for a big plant and a pail instead of a proper watering can, Cantiveros opted to just wipe her hand with a tissue after tending to her plants. Though she eventually learned the right way to do, even Magdangal and Estrada admit that due to their busy lifestyles, they are also sometimes guilty of the ''puwede na'' attitude. 

The momshies' guide to proper handwashing 2

''Ang paghuhugas ng kamay ay isa sa pinaka effective na paraan para maprotektahan natin yung sarili natin at yung mga family members natin against COVID at iba iba pang mga sakit,'' said Department of Health's (DOH) Health Promotion Bureau Director IV Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho. ''Pero kahit ngayon na may pandemiya marami naman talaga sa atin ang hindi nakakasunod sa tamang hygiene.''

[Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and our family members against COVID-19 and other diseases. But even with an ongoing pandemic, many of us still do not follow proper hygiene.]

According to Dr. Ho, improper handwashing includes simply using a tissue to wipe your hands, spraying with water, or doing a quick wash. Dr. Ho reiterates that these measures are not enough, especially if you came in contact with the outside world. 

The Momshies learned the importance and proper way of handwashing, encouraging others to do the same. They also reminded the public to not rely on the misinformation prevalent on social media when it comes to health, citing online viral hit ''Fred D' Germ'' who is spreading improper handwashing techniques and supporting the ''puwede na'' attitude.

To protect yourself and your family, a 20-second or more SafeWash should always be done. 

Here is the proper handwashing technique: 

  1. First, wet hands with water. 
  2. Put soap all over your hands, making sure every inch is covered. 
  3. Rub your palms together. Right palm over left then left over right. 
  4. Interlace and do the circle motion including thumbs. 
  5. Afterwards, do not forget to dry your hands thoroughly. 

Apart from learning proper handwashing techniques, for further protection, use only products that remove 99.9% of germs such as Safeguard. 

Moms, do not settle for less or be complacent when it comes to your family's safety. Especially when it comes to handwashing, ''puwede na'' is never enough. In these uncertain times, you and your family's health rely on good health and proper hygiene. So, everyone in the family should learn how to do a SafeWash and do it regularly. 


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