Love lost, love found: Moving film captures redemption of love denied

Close-Up Philippines

Posted at Oct 11 2018 06:11 PM

Love is a many splendored thing, so goes a song. But what happens when love cannot be? 

Close-Up documents the story of three individuals from different corners of the world and how they were denied love.

A man from Manila recounted how happy the first few months of his relationship with another man had been. However, his partner's parents did not approve of the relationship, which he considers the hardest part. What happiness they had soon vanished because of social pressure.

A woman from New Delhi, India talks about falling in love with a man from a different caste -- a reason why they had to part. While they had plans together, they decided they had to stick with what society requires of them.

Another woman from Recife, Brazil says that while Brazil has the biggest gay parade around the world, it also has the highest incidence of murder of homosexuals. She also says that her parent's disapproval of her sexual identity affected her relationship with another woman.

Years since their tearful goodbyes, a surprise is up for these three:

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Close-Up believes that love is a universal right and urges viewers to support the #FreeToLove movement.

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