How to optimize your phone for work and play

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Posted at Oct 11 2018 11:30 AM | Updated as of Oct 11 2018 05:29 PM

Today's most powerful cellphones balance function with beauty, making them attractive to both office warriors and mobile arena battlers. 

After all, a large screen, long battery life, and powerful hardware are not only useful to one or the other.


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Before settling in for a long session of work or play, check first if your phone is ready for whatever quests might come:

1. Install your favorite games and apps

The first step to getting hours of uninterrupted fun and productivity is by ensuring that you have all your favorite apps, so that you will not have to install them when you are in a rush, or do not have good internet.

BONUS TIP: Check first if your phone can handle your favorite apps and games. System requirements are available in the Play Store, and some developers write a detailed description. It's always best to have a phone that can keep up with the demands of your apps and lifestyle.

2. Group apps together in folders

Whether you opt to have an app drawer or choose to show all apps on the home screen, you can save time and effort looking for the right app if they are in a folder. 

Folders can also help you separate your work from your personal life by making sure you do not accidentally launch your favorite role playing game when you should be taking notes at a meeting, or make it easier for you to find your spreadsheets without getting distracted by an addictive multiplayer game, and vice versa.

LEVEL UP: Some Android phones let users create two different user profiles. You can use these to further separate work and play. Some phones with special features such as the Honor 8X's 'App Twin' let users sign in to two different accounts for the same app.

3. Customize the notification panel shortcuts

Another time-saving tool, you can use the notification panel for quick access to phone and app functions such as turning on Wi-Fi, or setting screen brightness. Some apps also allow shortcuts in the panel, so you will only be a swipe and a tap away from adding a new task to your to-do list.

BONUS TIP: Remove functions you don't always use and replace them with those you use often to keep the panel neat. Also place the most-used shortcuts in the first line so you will only need to swipe down once. 

4. Customize your home screen

The home screen can be your best friend when it comes to quickly launching apps, or finding information. Widgets can let you quickly see if you have a meeting, allow you to take notes with only one tap, or let you see if new episodes of your favorite series are available on your video streaming service.

BONUS TIP: Choose your widgets carefully—don't use a full calendar widget on a small screen, and do not put widgets on your home screen if you don’t see any use for it. Some widgets are best used if a phone has a big screen.

5. Choose the best keyboard setup

Most keyboards are customizable, and you should take a moment to see if the setup is to your liking. This can prevent autocorrect booboos in the future, or let you save time adjusting when typing a long email.

LEVEL UP: Most keyboards allow multiple languages. If you want to use some of the useful features of a keyboard such as predictive text and spellcheck, you can download the languages you use so they can tell you if you have spelling errors, without necessarily correcting anything automatically.

6. Adjust notification settings

Swipe right on a notification in the notification panel to adjust each individual alert. This can help you separate notifications from your job and home, by changing the tone and other settings depending on the app.

LEVEL UP: Control which notifications you get on your lock screen for better security through the 'Notification Management' option in the 'Apps & Notifications' section of the Settings. There you can choose if messages will show the whole text for example, or if you will just get a notification about a new message without showing too many details.

7. Charge your phone before a long session

Don't forget to charge your phone to make sure you don’t have to go running for an outlet in the middle of a meeting, or crucial multiplayer battle.

LEVEL UP: Phones such as the Honor 8X have built-in battery optimization apps which can help you tweak your phone for the best performance or battery saving, and let you control which apps run in the background. These save you power--and data as well.

If you're looking for a phone that can meet your demands for work or play, the newly-launched Honor 8X should be a good option. 

Not only is it a smart choice because of its price and value-for-money features, it is designed especially for sustained use during gaming, entertainment, and work.

The Honor 8X has a 3750mAh battery which can last for more than one day on a single charge. It also uses Intelligent Power Saving technology, increasing the battery life by 33%.

Its powerful octa-core Kirin 710 chipsets and Mali G51 GPU can also help ensure your viewing and gaming experiences are as good as Honor can make it, and help ensure you can install virtually any app you want.

It is also equipped with a cutting-edge new generation eye comfort mode certified by TüV Rheinland, which can help reduce blue light radiation emitted by the screen to prevent eye fatigue. 

The Honor 8X also has sunlight and night display technologies that can allow you to see the screen clearly under sunlight and read comfortably before going to sleep at night. The view is enhanced by the phone’s 6.5-inch high-definition Fullview Display, which has a 91% screen to body ratio.

The retail price is only P12,990, and the available version is 4+128GB, blue and black colors. Preorders start from October 10-13. 

More information about the Honor 8X can be found on the Honor Philippines website and Facebook page.

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