IN FOCUS: Women who are serious about making business fun

Cream Silk

Posted at Oct 10 2018 03:27 PM

Perhaps the ultimate goal for some women is to be running their own business, and calling the shots. 

These women have, in one way or another, reached this ultimate goal of being on top of their game, while pursuing their passions. 

Read on to find out what's keeping them occupied these days--it’s very likely their story will not be coming to an end anytime soon.

Rissa Trillo is transforming local beauty scene.

Because of their aggressive marketing and great name recall, international brands are almost always sure to win the sales game in the country. Despite this challenge, Happy Skin co-founder, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, is happy to face up to the "big guys." After only a Filipina would know what fellow Filipinas need.

Today, Happy Skin has grown to be one of the favorite locally-made makeup brands of Filipinas because it is a brand that complements the Filipina skin and complexion, complementing the country’s tropical weather, making more Filipinas happy to be in their own skin.

Sambie Que Rodriguez is busy taking on several roles.

Sambie Que Rodriguez has a lot of roles, and is passionate about all of them. A model, a TV and events host, a Nike N+TC trainer, co-founder of The Organic Market in Burgos Park, and General Manager for GuavaPass in Manila, she shows that developing endurance through exercise is not just useful for marathons.

As General Manager of GuavaPass, Manila, she says she is is passionate about “changing people’s perceptions and educating them that different workouts complement each other and make for a more balanced healthy lifestyle.” Just like with GuavaPass, where you don’t have to stick to just one workout routine, she too allows herself to take on several roles. 

Regina Belmonte is writing her own story.

Regina has seen her share of the world, and now, she’s bringing her stories and sharing her unique point of view to women in the Philippines. She spent time in Berlin, Germany, where she became a certified makeup artist under the Make Up Designory Studio. She’s also a freelance writer and beauty editor who has worked with, Cosmopolitan Philippines, and YStyle. These days, Regina is passionate about sharing beauty tips through BeatyMNL. 

Rissa, Sambie, and Regina are making their own waves, forging their own paths, and an inspiration for many. We celebrate their success and momentum with Cream Silk’s 100 Ultimate Women, where women from different fields are celebrated for their talent, success, and constant drive for greatness.

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