The working mom's guide to the right milk for your child


Posted at Oct 09 2020 06:02 PM | Updated as of Nov 10 2020 09:12 PM

Parenthood is never an easy task, what more in the current health situation of the country? That is why work from home moms and new moms will need all the help they can get to ensure that their child grows up in this environment healthy, happy, and with strong immunity.

For children 3 years old and above, parents will need a reliable partner – in the form of a milk that will help aid in your son or daughter's happy development. 

Here are some things to consider when buying milk for your child. 

Complete nutrition

In the first few months of your child's life, it is crucial that they get sufficient nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Look for products that have the complete nutrients such as calcium for strong bones and teeth, essential fats for energy and brain development, protein for cell production, and other relevant vitamins. Other add-ons that will help their immune system are also good to have.

Promotes a healthy digestive health

About 70% of the immune system can be found in the tummy, that is why when the tummy is healthy, the child is healthy. A child's tummy also naturally contains good and bad bacteria, but it is up to the parents to make sure that there are more good bacteria so that the child can better absorb all the nutrients he or she is taking in. This is important because a child's stomach can only take in small amounts at a time. So, more than having the milk address hunger, parents also need to look into something that will help promote a healthy digestive system and a stronger immune system. 

Value for money

While you should never compromise your child's health, it is smart parenting to look for products that are reliable while still fitting in your current budget. Just because it is more affordable than the rest does not mean that it is a bad product. Simply go through the ingredients and read testimonies from other moms to know if it is good for your baby and if you will get a good value for your money.

The working mom's guide to the right milk for your child 1

One product that addresses all those concerns and more is NESTOGROW. Coming from Nestle, one of the leading multinational food and drink corporations in the world, it fits in the age-appropriate mainstream milk category that promotes proper nutrition and gut health. With its competitive pricing, any child can receive proper nutrition, no matter what the family's status or limitations might be.

It is enriched with all the right nutrients like vitamins A and D, DHA, calcium, protein, iron, and a special probiotic called L. Comfortis that will help the child's digestion and ensure a healthy gut environment.

To help parents know more about its vision, Nestle launches the NESTOGROW Kumpletong NutriTIYAN campaign. Together with its new endorsers, mom and daughter Judy Ann Santos and Luna Agoncillo, it positions itself as a brand that helps every child to grow with a healthy tummy and strong immunity – putting more emphasis on gut health for a happy growing kid. 

The working mom's guide to the right milk for your child 2

With the current health situation, parents need to be extra careful with the things they buy and choose for their kids. Never compromise your growing child's health because there are solutions available in the market.

So, how can you help your son or daughter's development? Smart parenting coupled with a reliable and sulit partner like NESTOGROW so that your child can grow healthy, happy, and strong.

After all, happy growth starts in the tummy, so be sure to feed it with the proper nutrition.

For more happy tummy tips and information, visit NESTOGROW's official Facebook page or its website. #KumpletongNutriTIYAN

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