Cook with one

Issa Litton

Posted at Oct 09 2018 11:30 AM

Ting Tian on Unsplash

The onset of the "ber" months never fails to elicit a reaction from everyone. 

The realization that the year is nearly coming to an end — "Ang bilis ng panahon!" and even more pronounced is that the holidays are near — "Magpapasko na!"

When you think of the holidays, you can't help but brace yourself at the thought of hopping from one gathering to another. We Filipinos also start planning our "handaan" so we are ready to entertain loved ones at home or share food via potluck.

Whether you're alone, have a small family or find yourself hosting a number of parties soon, you'll find that you won’t necessarily need a battalion of appliances or resort to catering services to get good food done. You'll find that you just need one handy device that covers all the cooking bases with the TEFAL 10-in-1 Rice & Multi Cooker RK705.

Yes, this one appliance has 10 cooking functions that's got all your favourite dishes covered. First, it handles the staple in every Filipino household: rice. It cooks all types of rice from pilaf to risotto, and even grains like Job's Tears or adlay for those who follow a particular kind of diet. It's got a 10-cup capacity (2L) for large families or if you're expecting guests to come over.

Next, for the mains like meats, chicken, fish and vegetables, you can opt to slow cook to turn into a stew like kaldereta or adobo. You can steam if you're in the mood for siomai or healthy vegetables. Frying is always a regular go-to in any household with chicken or fish. Or prepare a soup, congee or arroz caldo. Simply have the ingredients ready and the Tefal 10-in-1 Rice & Multi Cooker helps you cook your favourite dishes with the fuzzy logic cooking system that auto-adjusts settings during cooking.

Its non-stick inner pot has 5 layers for better heat conduction and embossed pattern for even content distribution. It's guaranteed to help you cook your everyday meals easily and even automatically keeps them warm up to 24 hours. It also reheats food in case you opt for take out or if you want to have another serving of what you cooked earlier. 

There's plus points for those with little ones — it has a baby food function so babies' needs are addressed as well. It also comes with a free recipe book for you to learn and discover more dishes to love.

Lastly, if you like to finish your meals with dessert, it can do that too! There's a baking and crust function among its 10 cooking options. So if you like to make cakes and cupcakes, you can make them using the TEFAL 10-in-1 Rice & Multi Cooker.

It's also so convenient to clean as it comes with a detachable aluminium up-lid and ceramic removable bowl along with other useful accessories like a steam basket, spatula, and measuring cup, rice and soup spoons with spoon support. It’s dishwasher safe so place the removable parts in with other dishwasher safe items.

So really, when it comes to convenience and variety, doesn't this make you want to ditch your ordinary rice cooker? Pick an appliance that multi-tasks as much as you do.

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