Top 10 ideals 'Ultimate Women' live by

Cream Silk

Posted at Oct 06 2018 01:52 PM | Updated as of Oct 08 2018 01:05 PM

Homemaker, mother, sister, friend. These are only a few of the roles that modern women have to take.
Often, there are many others—breadwinner, counselor, financier—and these are just at home. Outside of it, women take on large roles and make more than ripples in different fields, in some cases turning the tide and clearing the way for more women to follow.
These ‘Ultimate Women’ have blazed the trail in several fields, even those not traditionally known to be for females. They did not do it by sticking to a tired formula, or by doing just enough to get by—when they do something, they strive to be brilliant at it, and more importantly they pour their heart into their efforts.
What ideals do achievers—those like beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach, athlete Maggie Wilson, 'girl boss' Nicole Tejano, all-around actress Nathalie Hart, local fashion icons Boom Sason and Patty Ang, along with others included in Cream Silk's Ultimate Women—have that allowed them to rise to the top?
1. They strive to be brilliant in their pursuits

When it comes to things they venture in, these women don’t just give their 75% they give it their entire 110% . More than just being good, they strive to be the very best of what they do.
2. They forge their own path

While they have their own idols, or have people they look to for inspiration, they want to forge their own path and make a difference. After all, inspiration can only take one so far, and not all the way to the top!
3. They evolve their own ways of doing things

Ultimate women are able to adapt to new situations, and are flexible enough to see what works best. If the tried and tested don't work, it's no problem to try and test again.
4. They are passionate about what they do

A woman would not win the universe if she did not feel strong about it. Ultimate women care so much about their goals that they do what they can to get it--and they often do!
5. They defy the norm

Ultimate women who are passionate about their goal are willing to find new ways to get it, and these ways might not always be the ones people have tried before.
6. They focus on their goal

Achievers keep their goal in mind, and work very hard to get it. They do not let distractions get in the way of their dreams.
7. They like challenges

The best rewards come with the highest stakes. As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easily.
8. They take every opportunity to learn and become the best version of themselves

The cream of the crop learn accept that they are not perfect--it is the reason they work so hard to be the best at what they do. One way to achieve this is by seeing what they did wrong in one case, then correcting that and improving their methods in the next!
9. They are open to new ideas

Old methods will not always work, so achievers are open to finding new ways of doing things. This attitude ties in to their other traits--passion, creativity, and courage.
10. They work with others to reach their goal

No man--or woman--is an island. It takes a village to do big things, and they acknowledge this by working with others to reach their goals. No actress can make an award-winning movie on her own, no designer can mount a fashion show by herself, and every queen has an entourage to drive everyone to success!
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