Selfie tips from Star Magic Ball 2017

Jenica Chuahiock, Metro Magazine

Posted at Oct 05 2017 12:17 PM

After all the gorgeous photos and portraits shared from the Star Magic Ball, it’s good to appreciate the more personal images we share—that being selfies, of course. Candid, adorable and a matter of self-confidence, we love selfies primarily because it gives the subject authority over their own image, where the beholder is his, or her, own thing of beauty.

We could all learn a thing or two about posing for the camera, and with the OPPO F5, you can definitely capture the real you. Take it from these celebrity selfie experts, who seized the glamour of the ball to take a few good snaps and live up to the trending #CaptureTheRealYou:

1. Give your best smile!

Teeth out, or lips closed? ‘Doesn’t matter! Go with what works best for you, like Gretchen Fullido, giving her million-dollar smile as she poses with her new OPPO F5, launching this October.

2. Relax

We all know good photos can take a lot of work sometimes, but this is a selfie anyway—no pressure. Just be your casual self, like Julia Barretto, taking a few quick snaps before finally choosing the one.

3. Find your best angle

This might take a little work, but don’t give up! Some sides, or camera directions might be more flattering than others depending on the person, even for celebrities like Coleen Garcia. Left, right, up or down, just give a little trial and error.

4. A little lighting can make a big difference.

It’s the oldest trick in photography, applicable also to selfies. Position and quality of light can make or break your snaps, or even give a more artistic mood, like Janella Salvador’s softly-lit selfie.

5. Share it with friends.

There is only one rule in getting selfies, and that’s capturing the happiness—genuine and infectious. Selfies can be taken alone, or with precious loved ones, but ultimately it’s about preserving the best memories, just like Matteo Guidicelli here taking a groupfie!

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