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Posted at Oct 04 2022 05:38 PM

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Everyone has a story to tell and an interesting content to share. When we post on social media, we are sharing with the world a part of who we are, a part of our experience, or a cherished memory – that is why we want people to notice and appreciate it because for us, we feel that when people love our content, they are accepting a part of us that we opened to the world.

That is why nowadays, content creators are finding more creative ways to bring out their content to the world. But whether you are a content creator or you simply want your post to stand out in the world of social media, here are ways to help push your limits with content creating:

Get clear images under any light

No one likes a dark, blurred, washed-out image or video online. With the 'Night Portrait Master,' vivo V25 Series: vivo V25, vivo V25e, and vivo V25 Pro will help you get clear images and video content under any light. Shoot under the stars or even in dark alleys and make use of the Super Night Mode of the vivo V25 Pro which will help make your photos glow even under low light.

The 50MP Eye AF Selfie for the vivo V25, 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing camera for the vivo V25, vivo V25e and the vivo V25 Pro, and the 32MP Front Portrait for vivo V25 Pro and vivo V25e will help your images come out clear and sharp.

Remember, the clearer the content, the better chances that people will appreciate what you are sharing.

Photo source: vivo website
Photo source: vivo website

Aside from its camera capabilities, the vivo V25 series also boasts of its stylish and unique design. 

The Sunrise Gold color variation boasts of its color changing feature through the Photochromic 2.0 technology which uses molecular light that allows its body to change color to orange and reddish hues. 

vivo V25 Pro has Surfing Blue and Starlight Black color variants available. Photo source: vivo
vivo V25 Pro has Surfing Blue and Starlight Black color variants available. Photo source: vivo

While the vivo V25 Pro in Surfing Blue color variant changes to a darker blue color after being exposed to UV light in a few seconds, then it returns to its original color within three minutes. With this feature, you can have fun under the sun and see how your smartphone changes color.

vivo V25 and vivo V25e come in Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black color variants. Photo source: vivo
vivo V25 and vivo V25e come in Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black color variants. Photo source: vivo

The Diamond Black color variant of the vivo V25 and vivo V25e shows elegance and sparkle like a black diamond while the Starlight Black color variant of the vivo V25 Pro shines its strong color in any setting which is fit for those who want a mysterious, elegant, and simple look for their smartphone that does not change its shade.

Plus, it is a first in the V series to feature a 2.5 slim and light body for the vivo V25 and vivo V25e which helps enable content creators and gamers to handle it for a longer time. While the 3D curved screen feature for the vivo V2 Pro allows for more details to be visible at any angle. The vivo V25 series of smartphones also has a SGS Eye-Care display which helps protect the eyes of the user.

Tell a complete story

Do not just put random photos and videos in your reel or the video that you are creating, make sure that you have a sequence or story to tell to make sense of what happened to your trip. Make the people who view your content feel as if they were with you in your experience, so do not be afraid to shoot longer content because you can always edit these materials out as you put your content together.

The usual problem some content creators worry about is the space of their smartphone. With the vivo V25 Pro, you can make use of the 12+256GB storage (+8GB extended RAM), 120 Hz screen refresh rate, and MediaTek Dimensity 1300 to get more photos and videos. 

While the vivo V25 and the vivo V25e both have 125GB storage (+8GB Extended RAM).

Photo source: vivo website
Photo source: vivo website

Both the vivo V25 and the vivo V25e has a 44W FlashCharge while the vivo V25 Pro has 66W FlashCharge fast charging time rate of 0%-40% in 15 minutes and 0%-71% in 30 minutes, so you will not have to worry about losing battery or needing a lot of power banks along your trip.

The vivo V25 series is also powered with the Android 12 - Funtouch OS 12 which allows you to download the latest apps and experience less lags. It also has the all-new Privacy and Security System of vivo which includes: App Pinning which you can use to pin an app or website and stops you from accidentally clicking on other pop ups or websites, this comes in handy when you are driving or when a child borrows your phone.

It also has Approximate Location which enables the user to freely select the previous location or their exact location for apps that require location permissions. Other features available are: Hide Album enables you to put a photo or an entire album on private mode and the Privacy Dashboard enables the user to check and manage their data for the past 24 hours. These new security features will help users be protected from various hacks and phishing schemes.

Get fun and creative with your content

Come up with a concept of how you want to put your content together. You may want to pick a key point that you want to focus on your trip – whether it is the road, trees, your car's steering wheel, your outfit, etc. Knowing what you want to focus on will help you know what to shoot and how to shoot it.

Travel during the day or night and shoot your social media content while at it. Photo source: vivo
Travel during the day or night and shoot your social media content while at it. Photo source: vivo

With the vivo V25 Pro, you can make the most out of the 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing camera with extreme night vision, 32MP Eye AF Selfie, and its Vlog Movie features in shooting your content. The night vision device will help you explore, shoot, and create your content any time of the day or night.

While its other capabilities such as its 2.4Ghz Super Large Processor will help ensure that your phone can handle any operation and apps that you need to run. While its bionic cooling system will make sure that your phone's system will not crash even when you use it under extreme weather conditions such as under the sun or during winter time in your travel abroad.

Its immersive audio system will also help ensure that the content you create will also have the right audio levels that will be attractive to your audience.

You do not have to limit what you can do when it comes to content creating. Think beyond limits and get a gadget that can help support your creative ideas.

Gamers will also love the vivo V25 series as it has an Ultra Game Mode which removes any distractions while gaming and focuses its performance on keeping the game smooth with no lags, and with its all-day battery capacity, there is no stopping what you love doing. It prevents lags with its maximum refresh rate of 120Hz for the vivo V25 Pro and 90Hz for the vivo V25 and vivo V25e.

Get the vivo V25 Pro for P29,999 starting October 1 on Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, and vivo e-store. And on October 8 through all vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide. You can also receive a free sim card + Havit 113A + Clock Speaker until supplies last. While the vivo V25 5G is priced at P23,999 or get the vivo V25e for P17,999, available in two stylish colors: Surfing Blue and Starlight Black.

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