Do you really know what the underlying issues are in your washroom?

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Posted at Oct 03 2019 12:01 PM

Your washroom is contaminated. 

Studies have shown that the average reading of microbe counts in a typical washroom exceeded industry benchmark. The latest actual swab test from a toilet bowl showed a bacteria count of 718, while the healthy range should be below 200.

Do you really know what the underlying issues are in your washroom? 1

Bacteria don't just stay in the bowl; they are also all over the entire washroom. 

There is 24 percent of bacteria occurring on the rim of the sink where we usually wash our hands, while 20 percent is on top of the toilet with which we come in contact when we flush. 

When flushing the toilet, the spread of bacteria in the washroom is caused by "toilet sneeze," which happens with every flush of the toilet. This is when an invisible cloud of dirty water and fecal bacteria are spewed out of the bowl, landing on every exposed surface. This spreads over 1 million bacteria and viruses into the air that can cover the entire washroom in just 60 seconds. 

Some literature say the bacteria and virus can stay in the air for two hours and stays active until the next flush. Imagine people going in and out of the washroom carrying these bacteria. 

Ordinary washroom cleaning is not good enough

Ordinary cleaning does very little to mitigate the risk from harmful bacteria spread inside the washroom. 

The usual practice of cleaning only addresses the areas and surfaces that can be seen, there is no time spent to trace and eliminate the root cause of hygiene issues such as malodor and encrustations. This is where the toilet bowls, urinals and other major 'bacteria hot spots' of washroom harbors harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Streptococcus, E. coli, Hepatitis A, common cold and flu germs.

Prioritizing hygiene

Consider these items on why washroom hygiene should be a priority: 

• It can be a driving factor for the food-and-beverage industry to gain 91 percent of people's confidence in the quality of food and drink that they are serving.

• Hygiene in school washrooms is especially important as students, with their less developed immune systems, are susceptible to high risk of acquiring infections. 

• Most office employees are unaware that they carry 200 million bacteria per square inch after using the washroom and that they can easily transmit it throughout the office.

• Businesses with high traffic like shopping malls mean a lot of people can be going in and out carrying the bacteria that came from the washroom.

Healthier environments are better places to be, for both staff and customers. Therefore, washrooms should be hygienic as it can be a medium for disease transmission. 

This is where the Initial’s Washroom Steam Hygiene Treatment comes in. It provides intensive hygiene solutions by attacking critical areas of the washroom and eliminates bacteria brought by toilet sneeze. It restores washroom hygiene confidence of businesses by: 
- Reduction of scale build-up
- Helps prolong washroom fixtures
- Reduction and improvement of malodor in the washroom
- Delivering visible results right after the treatment

For an integrated and holistic approach in hygiene solution, Toilet Sanitizer helps reduce encrustation from toilets and kill the bacteria from the source. Meanwhile, Toilet Seat Cleaner enables people to sanitize the toilet seat before use.

Don’t know where and how to start?

Hygiene assessment is a good start to evaluate your current washroom condition. With this, you will be able to pinpoint the root cause and come up with action plans on how to elevate hygiene standards.

Initial Hygiene Philippines provides complimentary hygiene surveys and imparts expert recommendations. They also support this with a courtesy demonstration for first-hand experience.

It helps clients establish good hygiene practices across organizations. With its global reach, local expertise, continuous digitalization and innovations, it can deliver better service and improve customer experience. 

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