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Posted at Sep 29 2022 02:19 PM

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Photo source: Pexels

Filipinos can thrive and survive in any given situation. Since the health crisis started, Filipinos have found ways to continuously unleash their talents and showcase creative ways to earn money and grow their income - which is why a lot of MSMEs have emerged as everyone is trying out their own hustle.

Skills, creativity, and talent are a big part of keeping the business growing, but it is not the only thing that MSMEs need. Business owners need knowledge, capital, and equipment to run their MSME. Furthermore, nowadays, people need a vehicle not only to get around, but one that they can rely on to help them save time and energy and grow their income to get their money's worth.

For MSMEs, a dependable vehicle is a must for running a business. However, different business owners will need different types of vehicles to match the needs of their business or industry. This is why Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) rolled out not just one but four variants of the All-New Lite Ace, its first-ever light commercial vehicle.

Each Toyota Lite Ace variant is designed to support the needs of specific MSMEs. Find out which one suits your business the most.

Panel van

Businesses in the retail, logistics, or e-commerce industries that bring items bought from shops or online stores to homes and other locations need vehicles with a lot of space to transport their items. These items also need to be secure and must be protected from harsh conditions, which is what makes the panel van, with its enclosed compartment, an ideal vehicle for these kinds of businesses. The dual sliding doors on the sides also make it easy to load and unload items.

This type of vehicle is also small enough to fit in streets for deliveries while also large enough to carry a lot of items.

Other industries or sectors that might need a panel van include local governments units (LGUs) or those in the medical business. The panel van can be converted into a patient transport vehicle. With its spacious interior that can be accessed from the back, it has enough space for a stretcher and other medical equipment for emergencies.


The construction industry can make good use of a pickup vehicle to transport irregular-sized items. Those in the businesses of supplying raw materials will find the pickup ideal for hauling wood, steel, and cement as these require open air circulation to avoid molds and other factors that could lessen their quality. 

A pickup vehicle can also be used by water station businesses for transporting containers, moving companies and appliance retailers due to its dropside bed that can carry heavier loads.

For these industries, the dropside bed provides the much-needed space while the collapsible side walls enable convenient loading.


Those who run a school bus business, own a travel and tours agency, or need a vehicle to transport employees will find the FX useful. It has a utility body that can fit up to 10 passengers and one which allows the passengers to easily get in and out of the vehicle. The back of the FX has two doors that can be opened depending on the need. The smaller door is locked into place at default but can be unlocked to allow loading of wider items into the vehicle. 

The FX also has enough legroom space so that passengers can sit comfortably even if they have bags and other items with them. Large items can be placed along the aisle while smaller items can fit underneath the seats. The 50/50 split-folding bench-type seats also allow for more storage room inside the vehicle when folded as they free up floor space.


Larger than the panel van is the cargo which can be used for similar industries. The benefit of using the cargo is its aluminum body which can keep produce such as fruits and vegetables, and poultry safe from external environmental factors. The compartment can also accommodate items such as furniture, appliances, and other large-scale goods.

Those who run a grocery store, own a moving company, or sell furniture and appliances, then, may find the cargo convenient for their business. With the cargo, items are safely and conveniently loaded and transported to any destination.

Choosing the right vehicle for your business is the first step into saving time, speeding up your transactions, and eventually expanding your MSME.

The All-New Toyota Lite Ace pickup variant retails at P570,000 while the panel van is available for P655,000. Meanwhile, the cargo and FX are priced at P699,000 and P727,000, respectively.

To demonstrate the features of each Toyota Lite Ace, the mobility company showcased the "Barangay Asenso" Caravan at the Farmers Plaza in Araneta City, Quezon City to showcase what the panel van, pickup, FX, and cargo variants can offer to business owners.

All four variants of the Toyota Lite Ace have 5-speed manual transmission, electric power steering, halogen headlamps, 2-DIN audio system, and SRS Airbags for driver and front passenger. Additionally, the panel van and pickup variants have Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).


Video source: Toyota Motors Philippines Facebook

These vehicles are practical for carrying large objects and enable easy loading, unloading and maintenance, and are also fuel-efficient and with an economic engine. It is also stable even when loaded, so passengers and drivers feel safe during the ride.

MSME owners looking for a reliable, high performing LCV that can help their business grow, while still being budget-friendly and easy to maintain will find that there is a Toyota Lite Ace for them, whatever industry or business they are in.

For more information on the All-New Lite Ace, visit TMP's official website and follow the official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Toyota PH on Viber

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