Experts say: Germs and viruses might be in daily household items


Posted at Sep 28 2020 04:49 PM

Experts say: Germs and viruses might be in daily household items 1

Did you know that even if you stay mostly at home and the house may look clean, there is still a possibility that germs such as viruses linger on commonly used surfaces? Especially if they are not cleaned or disinfected regularly. These cannot be seen by the naked eye, but germs and viruses may be present in daily household items and your indoor clothes. 

With the current health situation putting everyone on edge when it comes to safety, it is no longer enough that clothes or household garments simply look clean.

For example, unseen germs can build-up in damp bath towels and manifest as kulob. Itchy bedsheets, blankets, and pillow covers can be a sign of growing germs. High-touch surfaces such as unassuming sofa covers are also highly likely to collect germs. 


Experts say: Germs and viruses might be in daily household items 2

To prevent these from causing harm to your family, experts recommend frequent washing of clothes and household items.Towels should be washed every two to three days, while bed sheets and sofa covers should be washed weekly. Proper and regular laundering will stop lingering germs from spreading. 

This measure is backed by experts from the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM) and they recommend a laundry detergent with bleach, such as Ariel, that elevates the standard of removing germs such as viruses by cleaning clothes deeply even up to its small fibers. 

''Maging maingat at maagap. Huwag natin hintaying mag-amoy kulob ang mga kagamitan sa bahay. Labhan agad ang mga ito bago maging pugad ng germs. Kaya nirerekomenda namin ang paggamit ng detergent na may bleach dahil kaya nitong sirain ang outer layer ng germs tulad ng viruses. Kaya tanggal ang virus at 99.9% of germs,'' said PSM President Prof. Joel Cornista.

[Be careful and proactive. Do not wait for household items to smell kulob. Wash them immediately before it becomes a nest for germs. So, we recommend using a detergent with bleach because it can destroy the outer layer of germs like viruses. So, the virus and 99.9% of germs are removed.]

One such laundry detergent is Ariel. It has a cleaning power that deeply cleans to remove virus (*Not tested on SARS-COV-2, tested on representative influenza virus.) and 99.9% of germs (Based on a technical test of one representative germ (Klebsiella pneumoniae) on cotton). Its deep clean formula not only cleans, brightens, and whitens clothes, but also provides 24-hour protection against germs and viruses.

Experts say: Germs and viruses might be in daily household items 3
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So, do not be complacent when it comes to the safety of your household. Keep your loved ones safe and maintain a regular cleaning and washing system. Utilize the power of detergents with bleach like Ariel to deep clean clothes and other household items, and ensure a hygienic home that will protect you and your family. 

For more BIDA Safe Tips and information about Ariel, visit its official Facebook page. #JuanSafeWash

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