Reclassified furniture: From dining to learning


Posted at Sep 27 2023 12:32 PM

Photo source: McDonald's
Photo source: McDonald's

Innovative recycling of old chairs and tables is bringing comfort to Filipino students. 

In Marikina city, a class in San Roque Elementary School recently received a pleasant surprise – brand new armchairs for each student. 

Over the years, the existing chairs had deteriorated, and the school lacked resources for improvements. School principal, Dory Valderrama shared that the students made do with old armchairs as the LGU lacked resources for school improvement. Valderrama is confident that the students will help improve academically with their new set of chairs. 

"Kaya tuwang-tuwa po ang mga bata, pati mga teachers. Mas excited sila 'pag may nakikita silang new set of upuan eh. Nagulat nga po ako almost perfect attendance eh." 
(The children and even the teachers were so delighted. They got even more excited when they see a new set of chairs. I was surprised to see almost perfect attendance.)

First ReClassified project

Photo source: McDonald's
Photo source: McDonald's

McDonald's Philippines recently kicked off its Reclassified Project, turning decommissioned tables and chairs from their renovated branches into armchairs for classroom use. San Roque Elementary School was the first beneficiary of the program.

AVP for Corporate Relations, McDonald's Philippines, Adi Hernandez, said that McDonald's ReClassified Project is built upon the idea that something old may still find a new purpose. "For us at McDonald's, it starts within. And because we employ thousands of working students, it inspires us to extend that commitment to other young people outside the walls of McDonald’s," she said. 

Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro was also present during the launch and was delighted about the initiative, "I believe this is a very critical step that we have taken towards provisioning a more conducive learning environment."

Supporting Filipino education, environment

The classroom is a safe space for learners, where they may think, discover, imagine, and learn to solve problems. And having good-quality armchairs help create this conducive learning environment.

McDonald's Philippines will be scouting more schools as recipients of the program. "As McDonald's opens and reimages more new stores all over the country, there will be more materials that we can work with and repurpose to give new life and for children to use," Hernandez said. 

This initiative not only aims to help improve students' academic performance; it also aims to help contribute to environmental conservation through recycling efforts. 

Photo source: McDonald's
Photo source: McDonald's

To learn more about McDonald's ReClassified initiative and their efforts to support Filipino students through upcycling, visit the official website of McDonald's Philippines.
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