How to find extra time for yourself


Posted at Sep 23 2021 12:32 PM

Despite spending most of the day at home, many people are experiencing enhanced feelings of stress and burnout due to the blurring of work and home lines. A group of writers and sleep experts have discovered that the City of Manila is the 5th most city with the highest risk of employees experiencing burnout.

Here are five me-time activities you can do to help keep your well-being healthy.

1. Burn some calories after work

Living a sedentary lifestyle can possibly contribute to a whole host of diseases later in life, so if you have extra time, try to get some exercise in your daily routine. It can be as simple as a few yoga stretches on your desk, a jog around the house, or a quick no-equipment cardio workout. 

2. Watch a new movie or start a TV series 

Nothing says a relaxing activity like curling up in bed and spending about two hours of uninterrupted movie time. Catch up on your favorite shows and immerse yourself in a different world with some delicious snacks to complete the experience. 

3. Go online shopping 

For some, retail therapy is a good way to relieve stress. As long as you stick to a budget and do not overspend, buying something for yourself to boost your mood can be a good thing. Plus, you may score a nice new outfit or functional addition to the home on sale. You can even use this time to start ordering Christmas presents for you and your loved ones. 

4. Try cooking a new dish

Another good activity that can be both relaxing and fulfilling is cooking or baking a dish by yourself. Watch tutorials online and scour the web for a new recipe you are interested to try. This me-time activity will not only put your kitchen skills to the test, but you will also end up with a nice meal to treat yourself with. 

5. Catch up on your sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults 18 to 60 years old to get at least seven or more hours of quality sleep every night. But this is not always achievable, especially for breadwinners or parents who have children at home. So, getting enough quality sleep at night or taking daytime naps is another me-time activity you should try. 

With the "ber" months rolling in, things are bound to be more busy with last-minute supply needs or late-night food cravings. As if juggling work and family life is not already a handful, add in the challenges of the current health situation and stricter quarantine measures to the equation, and Filipinos are in for a stressful time. 

However, the holidays are supposed to be a season for family bonding and rest, and while emergency errands may be unavoidable, you do not have to stress about it as there are on-demand pabili services like GrabExpress here to help. 

Get an extra pair of hands to help you check things off your list with this service. Photo source: Grab website [LINK OUT:
Get an extra pair of hands to help you check things off your list with this service. Photo source: Grab website

GrabExpress Pabili allows users to ask the help of GrabExpress riders to buy items or other essentials for them. From medicines, cooking oil, toiletries, pandesal, sushi bake, and even lotto tickets, anyone can pabili anything from anywhere, anytime, provided that the maximum amount per transaction is P2,000.00.

This can be especially helpful if you have food cravings that are not typically included in food delivery menus or need to purchase medicines late at night. You can even utilize this service in the upcoming season of family gatherings to buy last-minute supplies such as cooking ingredients, paper plates, and candles. 

Requests are processed immediately after the booking confirmation so you can receive the item quickly, and this service is 24/7 as long as the store you need to buy from is still open.

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