How to live a well-balanced meaningful life


Posted at Sep 23 2020 12:01 PM

In this constantly changing world, living a well-balanced and meaningful life means not only having a successful career and a healthy family but also finding the time to pursue personal milestones for yourself. While this may seem far-fetched in today's situation where everybody is in survival mode, you should not forget that personal fulfillment is also crucial to living a better life. 

The trick to living a well-balanced meaningful life is to not let titles or roles define you. Fulfillment can go beyond what you can achieve at work, going for big and small dreams - lets you discover more about yourself in the process. 

How to live a well-balanced meaningful life 1

Much like the lead in Ford Everest's inspiring new video, the viewers are shown how a woman triumphs over setbacks, beating physical and mental obstacles along the way, to accomplish her goal. Many women might be able to relate, as traditional roles put on them can be quite restrictive and it takes real courage to step outside the box and pursue what makes them happy. 

The woman in the video challenges herself to complete a marathon while juggling her duties as a daughter, a mother, a wife, and a career woman. Despite the limited hours in the day, she perseveres to find time to practice and get closer to achieving her dream. With her trusty vehicle, she found places that gave her the right venue to train and pushed on with motivation from her loved ones. 

How to live a well-balanced meaningful life 2

Does she accomplish all odds and win the marathon? Know what comes next by watching the Everest Marathon video here: 

There is an important message here, that more than being what society expects of one's self, more than the titles a person assigns to himself or herself, a person can be so much more and achieve whatever they set their eyes on. All it takes is some courage and determination to strive for a well-balanced meaningful life.

At the end of the day, winning does not necessarily equate to a medal or an accolade – the true prize often lies within one's self. 

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