5 reasons to embrace self-isolation, move your life forward


Posted at Sep 23 2020 12:27 PM


Waking up, eating, cleaning after yourself, and sleeping are activities that are all too familiar to people. But these days, all these basic things mean more– almost as if by instinct, people now see these as the only actions we are allowed to do. Nobody entered the new year expecting this to happen, which explains the discontent and rants from people who refuse to accept the “new normal” situation forced on the world.

However, as you self-isolate today, remember that no hope is lost in terms of character growth and betterment since you get to do five things that promote productivity and even success in the long run.

Have fun

Power through the stay-at-home experience with the rare opportunity to enjoy extra time in your hands. Start with things you have always wanted to do or those that have piqued your curiosity. Do simple experiments like making invisible ink using lemon juice or the very timely and famous pepper and soap experiment.

Or you can always lift your spirits by dancing around your room or singing your heart out to your favorite jams, taking this moment to live out the superstar you admired in your youth. That, or relax and chill by watching all the movies queued in your list – do it alone or with friends virtually using apps that support group streaming. If those are not enough, you can always jump in on social media challenges which have been a hit ever since the advisory to remain indoors was announced. Roll those sleeves up and act alongside famous people as they partake in the same challenges, too.

Put to mind that taking a breather from time to time is conducive to holistic wellness. Therefore, having a healthy amount of fun is not something to shy away from.It is actually more beneficial for you.

Fix health issues, relationship stress, and project constraints

To some people, fitting in some time to exercise seems to always be amiss. But these days, excuses are running out since they now have extra time to follow through their workout plan. If there is a better time to resist the temptation of lazing around, it is now. Do your physical and mental health a favor by adapting simple fitness routines like doing a round of push-ups and sit-ups, stretching every morning or some basic yoga.

Aside from physical and mental health, it is time to enhance your emotional aspect through proper communication with important people in your life. Mend broken relationships only when you have decided they are worth it and be brave enough to move away from them when they are not. The important thing is to be a reasonable speaker and a receptive listener. Comprehension goes a long way and this is the fine time to settle personal relations and connections with it.

Of course, working at home also has its own merits and disadvantages. When the unfavorable happens, understand that instead of whining and complaining, finding and constructing solutions to obstacles are more effective and yielding. Accept that these trying times are out of your control, but brainstorming for ways to deal with it is not.

Improve life skills

Tired of staring at the same painting in your living room? Channel your inner Picasso and use this time to stylize as much as you want. The method of trial and error has never been this free from any pressure, so get crafty and develop your inner interior designer. Who knows? Maybe in the process of decluttering, you might discover new talents and unlock skills on focus, challenge taking, and problem-solving.

Another way to go about it is by applying the same recreation and resourcefulness in preparing food. Fundamental in survival, cooking is a life skill that amounts to more than just satisfaction as it promotes practicality as well. Day by day, fun and life-changing kitchen tricks arise to encourage fellow home stayers that the art of cooking is all but complicated.

Doing these do not only hone self-sufficiency but also employ confidence in one's abilities to turn disadvantageous conditions around.

Reflect on your life so far

Now is the time to better reflect and meditate on your life. Remember that a person's history is just as powerful as his future. As you hang around during your spare time, look back on why you did the things you did, and if they resulted in something in your favor or not. Store those you evaluated as mistakes in a place where they stand as lessons, and leverage on those you evaluated as correct decisions by consistently practicing them.

Reconfigure your attitude and mentality based on these evaluations and do apply the lessons immediately. A deliberation that does not stimulate urgency and responsiveness is as good as a passing thought--stagnant and

Align priorities and goals with strategic actions

Going hand in hand with self-reflection is the opportunity to align priorities according to the reconfigured mindset. This is the part that is geared towards the future, more technical and hands-on than contemplative. This lays out concrete proposals on how to support the finalized action plan.

As a prominent example, one's health—a decisive component in a person's list of priorities—calls for strategic steps that range from awareness to maintenance, prevention, and preparedness. Opening up to new science-backed knowledge through studies or health-related web pages falls under awareness, and is relative to being conscious of risk factors, symptoms, and treatments of critical and minor illnesses.

When it comes to prevention and preparedness, there are a couple of measures that require immediate attention. Look after your health and be financially prepared when health emergencies happen by securing a health insurance plan.

AXA, among the country's leading institutions in the insurance industry, offers several health plans to choose from depending on one's needs and lifestyle.

More than ever, people realize how uncertain life can be. The same can be said about health conditions which is why AXA makes sure to address this through Health Start—a health plan that offers coverage for the top three major critical conditions which are cancer, heart attack, and stroke, and some of their minor forms.

For a minimum monthly payment of P1,500 for Health Start (individual coverage) or P1,950 for Health Start Family, one is already protected and will be provided health coverage, not only for themselves but also for their family.

You can pay P535/month for Health Start Lite (sample computation for a 20-year-old non-smoker with P1million coverage). Health Start Lite caters to the younger demographic who are keen on starting their customized insurance plan as early as possible and enjoying lower premiums tailored to suit their budget. Health Start Lite is renewable annually up to age 75.

Providing ease and convenience, Health Start Lite is purely digital with full online fulfillment from application to payment, and policy issuance. Auto payment for all modal payments are done via credit card (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual). Additionally, AXA is working on the availability of live chat function in the near future, to aid customers if they have immediate inquiries.

Being housebound is no justification to slack off and detach yourself from reality. When these trying times run its course, you will find that embracing self-isolation has been a blessing in disguise. Until then, continue living the home life to the fullest.

For more information on Health Start Lite, other services and products offered by AXA, talk to an AXA Financial Advisor today or visit www.axa.com.ph/healthstart 

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