QUIZ: What’s your shoe style?


Posted at Sep 21 2017 05:48 PM

They say you can tell a lot about someone from their choice of shoes. More often than not, ladies choose footwear that best fits their personality whether they are aware of it or not! Trying out different styles also lets you explore different sides to yourself you probably haven’t even discovered yet. So take this quick and easy quiz to see what style would best describe you!

1. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is…

A. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast. That’s the most important meal of the day!
B. Make a cup of coffee and take a quick shower. Time is money!
C. Check your email while having a quick sandwich.
D. Lounge around in bed for a few more minutes before getting up.
E. Chat with friends online to confirm your hangout tonight.
F. Have a quick bite before leaving for the gym or your first appointment for the day.

2. You look in your closet and the outfit you choose is…

A. A pretty floral dress you like wearing no matter the season
B. A perfectly tailored business suit that you have in three other colors
C. A mix of stuff you bought from different places that just seem to be the perfect outfit for today
D. A comfy pair of slacks and a nice blouse that goes with any occasion
E. A cocktail dress and coat that you already picked out the night before
F. Your favorite jeans and casual top that seems to go with anything

3. You meet up with friends for lunch at your usual place, which is…

A. That French bistro that has the yummiest pastries
B. A power lunch at an Euro-American fusion restaurant
C. Trying out a new restaurant that just opened that everyone is talking about
D. A casual brunch at an outdoor pet-friendly cafe
E. A fusion concept restaurant that transforms into a club at night
F. A quick service deli with healthy food, clean interiors, and no-frills dining

4. What kind of shopper are you?

A. You like to buy things on a whim. If it catches your attention you will most likely not wait long to purchase it.
B. You make calculated decisions when buying things. You choose items that will be a good addition to your entire wardrobe and you never buy on impulse.
C. You enjoy collecting interesting pieces to add to your wardrobe. You have no set idea and instead let fate decide if you will find the right stuff to buy.
D. You have a favorite go-to store for the clothes you enjoy wearing. You like to keep things, simple and basic because you love stress-free shopping.
E. You are always on the lookout for new styles that come out even if you are not scheduled to go shopping. You know the latest trends and take your time trying on lots of things before buying.
F. If you find something comfy, pretty, and fits you well, you will buy it. You are easy to please and would rather be out doing other things than spending the day shopping.



Summer Wedges


You love wearing very feminine clothes like long dresses and attending social events therefore the perfect shoe that describes you would be open toe wedge sandals. You have an outgoing and confident personality that shines through in any situation. You make friends quite easily and people are attracted to the good vibes you exude. You enjoy the effort of putting together a nice outfit but also know that still the best accessory is a pretty smile and good character.

Classic White Pumps


You are a hardworking professional who understands how important it is to build a good image in your line of work. You like scheduling your life to maximize the hours and prefer the company of people who enjoy intelligent conversation. You always like to look well put together in and outside of work whether you are wearing a business suit or enjoying a night out in town with your colleagues. You are focused on work but also enjoy shopping for the perfect outfit for the office.

Ankle Boots


You are both stylish and fashion-forward in the way you choose your clothes. You enjoy trends but are not afraid to try something different even if it is not what everybody else is wearing. You always try to schedule your day with a lot of activities and errand so you are always on the go. The perfect combination for you would be to wear something comfortable and chic at the same time. You enjoy traveling and meeting new people from different places in the world. You are not satisfied with just doing the same things all the time. You crave for variety and your taste in shopping changes all the time.

Beige Cushioned Flat Shoes


You love looking through magazines for the latest styles but deep down you know you prefer to wear tried-and-tested stuff that works for you. Comfort is your number one priority when shopping and it works perfectly for your lifestyle as well. Although you appreciate getting dolled up for special occasions, your go-to wear everyday is more functional, classic, and casual. Instead of spending all night in a club, you prefer laid back get togethers with friends at a coffee shop. You enjoy shopping when it comes to finding things with eye-catching details like a gold accent, a ribbon, or a pretty design.

Chunky Heels

You are STYLISH!

You love looking good and try to be a fashionista no matter what situation you are in. You enjoy going for a night out in town on any day of the week if it means having a good time and you don’t mind being known as a party girl in your group. You love shopping for key items that will make people’s heads turn when you walk into the room. You love to keep up with the trends in fashion magazines and enjoy talking about celebrity styles with your fellow fashionistas. You are on a mission to master every kind of social situation that keeps you on top of your game at all times. Draw attention to the slimmest part of your legs with these stylish straps.


You are ACTIVE!

You always try to schedule your day with a lot of activities and errand so you are always on the go. Your outfit choice isn’t as important as how comfortable or functional it is to you for the entire day. You like casual and stylish shoes that are just as easy to take off as it is to put on. You can carry a day outfit and wear to a party with the same kind of confidence. You enjoy scheduling things and working around a timetable. You are sociable and enjoy going out with friends and family for bonding moments.

It’s always the right time to add more value to your shoe collection with these comfy and trendy styles that you can wear any time of the day! From sunny casual days to special night outs, these special footwear are there to match your every mood and occasion. Keep your shoe game on point with these high quality eye-catching designs from GIBI.

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