How rain aids water contamination


Posted at Sep 21 2016 02:02 PM | Updated as of Sep 23 2016 02:17 PM

MANILA – As Filipinos brace for strong typhoons and heavy floods during the rainy reason, there is also a need for the public to prepare for different water-borne diseases.

Water-borne diseases are illnesses caused by pathogenic microorganisms that thrive on water. They are commonly found in animal wastes, sanitary landfills, sewage systems, and septic tanks.

Heavy rains and floods can transport these disease-causing microorganisms into surface water, groundwater, and man-made water distribution systems.

Apart from pathogenic microorganisms, flood water can also contaminate ground water with toxic substances, such as pesticides, cleaning solvents, and gasoline.

Although the soil normally filters out harmful bacteria and toxins, large enough concentrations can still make it through and contaminate ground water. It is, thus, important to take extra precaution when drinking tap water.

Here are some of the things you must do:

1.  Practice good hygiene.
-    Maintaining cleanliness is important as germs easily spread during the rainy days. We might be holding things that are contaminated with germs. Thus, always wash your hands with soap, especially before preparing food and eating.

2.  Ensure safe food preparation techniques.
-    Always wash the ingredients before you cook, especially those that thrive on fresh water. As much as possible, avoid eating anything raw especially if you are not sure where they came from.

3.  Ensure boiling or purification of water.
-    Since many rely on tap water, it is important that we boil water before drinking it. They might contain disease-causing bacteria. It is best if we consume water that went through proper distillation and purification processes.

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