Level up your flame game with #SarahSUPERStickers


Posted at Sep 19 2019 12:28 PM | Updated as of Sep 19 2019 08:04 PM

Level up your flame game with #SarahSUPERStickers 1

Food is needed for various purposes, such as for health and nutrition, in cultural and religious practices, for deodorizing and beautifying, and fundamentally, for survival. It is an irreplaceable aspect forged in the circle of life. That’s just how it is.

Even behind every digital-savvy millennial is a lurking affirmation that cooking may allow them to be in control and creative in the kitchen.

While some opt for food deliveries and take-out meals, the other cost-efficient percentage of this generation indulges in home cooking. But why is that the case when millennials are supposed to be part of the on-demand generation with the shortest attention spans? Aren’t they allergic to grocery shopping and doing things manually, much more cooking?

On the contrary, this age group is more spirited and involved than how millennial-dragging sites portray them. With the proliferation of 30-second treats and 5-minute recipes, millennials are fired up to display their kitchen finesse by producing goodies straight out of their own efforts. This effect snowballs into wanting to unearth kitchen hacks that are as unreachable as Sarah Geronimo’s high notes.

Worry not, though, because all these top secrets are generously offered by Viber and Phoenix SUPER LPG through their collaborative launch of #SarahSUPERStickers. 

Fun and creative, Viber spices up the typical messaging experience with its enviable array of stickers, classified to suit any given situation. What this app has in store for foodies are #SarahSUPERStickers, relatable ones that cover day-to-day Filipino expressions used in the process of preparing food, eating food, and just enjoying food.

By simply downloading these stickers on Viber, you can gain automatic access to an exclusive community where you will learn the quick how-to’s of scrumptious edibles. These are also opportunities for photos to showcase on your wall, and most significantly to appease your palate.

Embrace your culinary artistry with Phoenix SUPER LPG. Each LPG tank is equipped with a German-made SRG regulator with an inlet safety valve to stop gas flow should leakage occur. With a reserve indicator that displays cylinder content, you will be sure to avoid the stress that comes from not knowing if you are about to run out of gas. It also has a snap-on mechanism that makes installation and moving easy.

Get your flame game on with the rest of the Phoenix SUPER LPG Viber community.

Multiply the fun in chatting by utilizing Viber’s stickers and align your cooking routine the safe, sure, and simple way.

Download Sarah Super Stickers through this link.

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