These women will convince you to love your hair

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Posted at Sep 19 2017 11:16 AM

Wavy but rough, colored but dry, curly but frizzy, straight but damaged— you just can’t help but find reasons to hate the hair you have, admit it.

Your bad hair day can instantaneously turn into a bad week. But the problem isn’t your hair’s natural condition, it’s actually the damage (hello split ends, hair fall, dullness, dandruff, and more!) that keeps your crowning glory from looking its best.

Spending big bucks on salon treatments won’t be necessary if you give your hair the ultimate protection it needs. So starting today, learn how to stop the damage and celebrate the hair you love with Dove—just like these women.

Check out their unique Love-Hate stories and their secret to loving their hair:

Whether your hair is super long and thick.


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Whether your hair is unbelievably straight.


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Whether your hair is naturally wavy.


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Whether your hair is cropped extra short.


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Your locks are as beautiful as you are; embrace its unique quality and give it the ultimate damage protection it needs with Dove Shampoo and Conditioner. Bid hair damage goodbye and just #DoveItLoveIt, girl!

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